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My 50 Round Dynasty Draft: Rounds 31-40

As I stated in my previous post, I completed a trade with the #16 team in the league, sending all my even numbered picks to him for his odd. I'm still drafting between rounds 31-40, I just no longer have to log in every round. If you have the first or last pick in a snake draft I suggest approaching the owner on the opposite end about a similar swap, it allows you to create a more balanced roster as you only have to wait as many selections as there are teams, rather than waiting for two whole rounds to snake. I entered round 20 a little worn down, I was drafting there right around the holidays so I was distracted and caught up in all the madness. I'm going to trade minor leaguer for major leaguer from here on out. I'm convinced I'll have a surprisingly deep farm system by the time I'm done, I hope the bench is adequate with reserves and while I'm content with the starting roster I recognize there are a few areas to upgrade.

Pick 31.1
Rymer Liriano
-Full disclosure I do not know much about his skill set. I'm not exactly sure what his tools rate on the 20-80 scale, but I've read enough to know that he probably could go much higher once all the top prospects rankings are released. San Diego is known for their pitching, so the opportunity to draft one of the prized position players is a welcomed opportunity, especially since he ranks over all of those pitcher's in the top 10 lists I've seen. They've all flown off the board which leads me to believe Liriano is flying under the radar. Another 5 tool outfielder to add to the arsenal, scary what could happen if they all reach their potential, it would be roto-nirvana in my outfield.

Other Players Considered: Alex Meyer, Liam Hendriks, Glen Perkins

Pick 31.4
Alex White-I acquired this pick in the Cuthbert/Baez trade and decided to spend it on a pitcher who has some upside but is also relatively close to major league ready. I'm feeling good about my prospect plan but there is a clear lack of depth on my bench. If my current roster is a sign of things to come I'll probably have to flip White for a part time set-up man or maybe a back-end starter. I'm not too thrilled about the position I've put myself in in regards to my pitching depth but my offense is more than satisfactory and White could suprise some and break camp with the Rox. If that does become the case then this pick is solid as it fills a glaring need.

Other Players Considered: Same As Above + Robert Stephenson

Pick 31.16
Glen Perkins
-Perkins is most likely going to start the year as the primary set up man, though I do not believe he'l end the season in the same role. Matt Capps is, well, Matt Capps and once the season begins so does the timer on the bomb. If you're looking for a sleeper who isn't getting the write up that Jansen or Reed are, Perkins is the guy. He'll be a cheap source of holds for me early on with the projection that he'll save a few on the way as well. But every Capps appearance inches us closer to implosion, and that's when Perkins will really gain value. Which incoincidentally will also be the time that I shop him. Can you say, sell high?
Other Players Considered: None

Pick 33.1
Chad Bettis
-Bettis dominated the California Leauge last year, raising some eyebrows on the way. There's been some debate on whether or not he's a mid rotation starter or a back-end reliever in the long term, and while he'd certainly have more value in the rotation, I'm cool with him being a shut down closer if that's the case. The way I see it, the less innings you pitch in Coors, the less opportunities there are for balls to fly out so if he's sitting batters down for only one inning, as long as it contributes to the fantasy team I'm fine.
Other Players Considered: Trevor Story, Paul Maholm

Pick 33.16
Marco Scutaro
-No I'm not a Colorado fan, but I do like Scutaro. He helped me win a championship last season, as I started him as my utility guy in the final extended week. He had good results against some of the O's pitchers and while small sample size is not necessarily indicative of future performance, I feel it's irresponsible to completely ignore any past production. Scutaro will gain 2b eligibility around the second week so I've taken care of a back up SS and 2b now with one player. Two reserve spots for one player means I can pick up an extra minor leauger down the road.
Other Players Considered: Trevor Story, Chien Min Wang, Gary Cecchini

Pick 35.1
Chris Capuano
-We're at that stage where the major league talent is really thin. Capuano is a sufficient reserve in a league with roster's this deep. I'm hoping he won't really be needed but we all know it's a long year and since there are no major health concerns going forward I find a guy who is capable of pitching so many innings, useful. He may not light up the score board, or force fans to flip K signs upside down, but he gives me innings protection and my roster has a big need for that.
Other Players Considered: Aaron Harang, Brent Bryce

Pick 35.16
Trevor Story
-I swear I'm not a Colorado fan! I needed a SS capable of sticking at the position, and while Story is no lock, and also blocked by one Mr. Troy Tulowitzski, he has greater possibility than Baez. He's a 5 tool SS that is going under appreciated right now. While he may not have Tulo's ceiling, I have read he's capable of a .280 avg, 20+ HR's, and double-digit steals, that type of production from a SS or even a 2b for that matter, would make him extremely valuable so I really like the upside with this pick.
Other Players Considered: None I was locked in on Story

Pick 37.1
Blake Swihart
-This is a complete leap of faith. I'm having faith that the team I root for, knows exactly what they're getting with this kid. I've read some really great things about Swihart but he's years away and I probably wouldn't even consider him if he wasn't being drafted by an organization that hasn't been able to find a long term solution at the catcher position. It seems C, along with SS, is Boston's achilies heal, and I supposed you could add the void in upper level pitching to that list too. While Swihart may be no where close to contributing he just may be worth it, and since no prospect is a "sure thing" I feel the gamble at this stage is justified.
Other Players Considered: Casey McGehee

Pick 37.16
R.A. Dickey
-The Mets ace by default, Dickey is probably the least sexiest of my selections, unless the knuckle ball really does it for you. His value is similar to Capuano's, he won't have a tremendous impact on my team but he provides insurance should something happen. There really isn't much left in terms of starting pitching, and if I'm going to take players who are nothing but reserves I'm going to take NL pitcher's who offer the less opportunity to hurt my team. I am worried about having to start Dickey at home, the moving in of the fences could certainly affect him in a negative light.
Other Players Considered: Dillon Gee, Mike Mahtook

Pick 39.1
Bryan Lahair
-I'm not a Lahair believer but since he will see a good amount of time at the major league level this season, he is worth the late round flyer. My hope is that he catches fire, stays hot for the first month, and I can flip him for a meaningful piece(s). If the decision to draft a player is essentially equal between him and the others under consideration, I look for who is most probable to increase value, that's the tie-breaker, the player that I could see bringing the most back in a deal. Lahair could go on to have a Casey McGehee like season circa 2010 or he could go on to have a Casey McGehee like season that resembles 2011. I'm hoping for the former, obviously, and for some odd reason I feel that is the more probable outcome.
Other Players Considered: Cody Ross, Dante Bichette Jr.

Pick 39.1
Brian Goodwin
-5 tool outfielder that is said to have solidified the Nationals draft. Sounds like robbery so close to round 40! While he's not going to help this year, or the next, he has the ability to be an across the board contributor and I love players who can contribute to each and every scoring category. My goal enterring this draft was to target minor league players who offensively, boasted a wide range of skill sets

Other Players Considered: Kaleb Cowart, A.J. Burnett

I'm now down to the last set of 10. My bench is pretty solid, I've got a capable major leaguer that can fill in if necessary at each position. My starting pitching and relief corps are somewhat thin though, after my starters there isn't much impact there, or protection for that matter. I'm going to need some trade chips to even things out, I plan on targeting spects that come with high praise but are a few years away, hopefully I'll find enough gems that come with considerable value. This is what separates the men from the boys, the educated from the informed, time to really test one's knowledge of prospects and the minor league's, this is where it really gets interesting.

Rounds 1-10

Rounds 11-20

Rounds 21-30