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Fake Teams 2012 MLB Team Previews and Fantasy Spotlight

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Robert and Kenny have been working together over the past two weeks writing up their 2012 MLB Team Previews and Fantasy Baseball Spotlight articles. In the Team Preview articles, Robert provides his 2012 outlook and takes a look at the home ballpark, manager and coaching staff, spring position battles, projected lineup, and spring story lines, among other topics. In the Fantasy Spotlight articles, Kenny gives you his opinion on who the best hitter and best pitcher is on each team, along with candidates who could breakout and disappoint in 2012, and also gives you the rookie to watch this season.

In case you missed them, make sure you check out the links below:

NL East

Braves: Team Preview | Fantasy Spotlight

Marlins: Team Preview |Fantasy Spotlight

Mets: Team Preview | Fantasy Spotlight

Phillies: Team Preview | Fantasy Spotlight

Nationals: Team Preview | Fantasy Spotlight

NL Central

Cubs: Team Preview | Fantasy Spotlight