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More Excerpts from Keith Law's Top 100 Prospects Chat

Bubba Starling = the next Matt Kemp? KLaw seems to think so.
Bubba Starling = the next Matt Kemp? KLaw seems to think so.

ESPN's Keith Law held a lengthy chat after releasing his Top 100 Prospects list on Thursday, and here are a few more excerpts from that chat:

Brandon (San Jose)

Molina seems like an ace, that splitter is nasty, why so low?

(2:24 PM)

Nestor? More like a 4-5, or even a reliever. Lacks a breaking ball, has control but not command.

This one is for dudedudedude. Waiting for him to dismiss KLaw in 3, 2, 1.........

Justin (San Diego)

Would you agree that Casey Kelly's pure stuff, i.e. velocity, has improved in the last couple of years even though his numbers have not been overwhelming?

(1:28 PM)

That is absolutely true.

In 27 AA starts last season, Kelly went 11-6 with a 3.98 ERA, 1.398 WHIP with 105 strikeouts to 46 walks. His stats say average starter, but add in the fact that he will pitch in Petco Park, and his numbers in the majors may look better than his minor league stats. I am just not convinced they will though.

More KLaw excerpts after the jump:

m (sacramento)

Does Chris Reed crack the top 100 next year? He's an intriguing project, especially as a starter. I'm wondering what you'd like to see from him.

(2:09 PM)

If he works out as a starter - and I think he will, although it's a risk - then yes, good chance he does. I really like his arm and the fact that he wasn't overused in college.

Law also stated in this same chat that Rubby de la Rosa would fall in the Top 40 if he were still eligible to be ranked as a prospect. With RDLR, Reed, Zach Lee, Allen Webster and Nathan Eovaldi, Logan White has done a terrific job in drafting a handful of pitching prospects who could help the Dodgers down the road.

Nathan (PA)

What is the ceiling for Mason Williams. You seem high on him. Is Curtis Granderson the best case scenario or could he be better?

(2:17 PM)

I think you're in the ballpark.

Uhhh....what? The Grandyman? Really? KLaw just put Williams on my radar for the minor league portion of my AL-only keeper league draft.

Travis (KC)

Does Starling have Matt Kemp or Josh Hamilton ceiling?

(2:20 PM)


It will be very interesting to me to see who goes first in my AL-only minor league draft in early April. Travis d'Arnaud or Bubba Starling should be the first pick, and I have 3 of the next 4 picks. I am not sure who I want more: Starling or d'Arnaud.

Alex (AZ)

KLaw - You are the man (side note). So you really prefer Bradley to Bauer?

(1:45 PM)

I do. More upside to Bradley. Two risks with Bauer: Injury from overuse, and reliance on throwing that breaking ball in the dirt to get swings and misses.

Something to consider for those of you in dynasty leagues and keeper leagues where you can draft minor league players. I don't consider injury risks when drafting players who have never been hurt before.