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UFC 143 Diaz vs. Condit - fantasy sports action


This Saturday the UFC puts on its annual "Super Bowl weekend card" with UFC 143 Diaz vs. Condit. Despite a lack of supporting fights that are worth marketing in television commercials (scavenger hunt idea: try to find a casual fan who knows who else fights on the main card) the UFC 143 action should deliver violence at a variety of weight classes. In the main event, Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit will entertain with a fight that will likely end up one of the best of 2012.

If you are a new fan to the sport, UFC 143 will deliver the action and finishes you were sorely missing during the UFC on FOX 2 main card, so check it out with some friends or the viewing public at your local sporting. Like every sport, watching the action is even more enjoyable with some fantasy stakes on the line.

Think you know the UFC and can pick the winners better than your buddies and the general public?

Make sure to exercise your fantasy fight pick muscles by entering your picks on:

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Enjoy the fights on Saturday and the game on Sunday. Sample UFC 143 fight picks for a head-to-head league are after the jump.

Sample UFC 143 fight picks
8-Carlos Condit-KO-4
3-Fabricio Werdum-Dec-3
7-Josh Koscheck-KO-2
4-Renan Barao-Sub-1
9-Ed Herman-KO-3
11-Dustin Poirier-Ko-1
5-Matt Riddle-Dec-3
1-Edwin Figueroa-Dec-3
10-Matt Brown-Ko-2
6-Stephen Thompson-Ko-1
2-Rafael Natal-Dec-3