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2013 Fantasy Outfield Sleepers: National League

Everyone loves them some sleepers to target on draft day. Here's my take on three National League outfield sleepers for 2013, including a couple NL West, and one NL East, outfielders who could fly under the radar on draft day.

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Outfield Week at Fake Teams is coming to a close, but not before Dave and I offer you some outfield sleepers for those of you in deeper mixed or NL only leagues, or leagues that require you to roster five outfielders. Today, I am going to write about three National League sleepers who could outperform their draft round in 2013.

Tyler Colvin, COL

Colvin just needs a chance to play everyday, and that could happen as soon as spring training, as the Rockies are in a semi-rebuild mode. The Rockies could deal outfielder Michael Cuddyer or Dexter Fowler by Opening Day, and if not, they have a good chance at being traded by the July 31st trade deadline. Actually, many of the Rockies, including Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki, could be traded if they decide to go into full rebuild mode. If so, Colvin will become a regular and could put up a 25 HR, 80 RBI season in 2013. He can also play first base when Todd Helton needs a few days off, which will be every week, and when he lands on the DL. He played 31 games at first base last season.

Adam Eaton, ARI

Eaton will be the Diamondbacks center fielder and leadoff hitter in 2013, barring an injury. In 2012, he tore up AAA pitching to the tune of .381-.456-.539 with 7 HRs, 119 runs, 45 RBI and 38 stolen bases in 119 games. He has a good idea at the plate, as he doesn't strike out much (12.1% in AAA) and knows how to take a walk (9.4% in AAA). The Diamondbacks gave him a cup of coffee at the end of the season, where he hit .259-.382-.412 with 2 HRs, 19 runs, 5 RBI and 2 stolen bases in 22 games. Eaton should be a solid source of runs scored, stolen bases and an above league average BA in 2013.

Domonic Brown, PHI

Once a top prospect, Brown was mishandled and then underperformed in two previous stints in the big leagues. Last season, he played in 56 games, hitting .235-.316-.396 with 5 HRs, 21 runs and 26 RBI, while showing a solid batting eye at the plate. Brown should get a chance to play everyday in the Phillies outfield in 2013, so this season could be his breakout season at the plate. He has yet to get a full season of at bats under his belt over the last three seasons, but has solid plate discipline:

2011: 16.7 K%/ 11.9 BB%

2012: 16.0 K%/ 9.9 BB%

For a team that already has a few strikeout-prone hitters, Ryan Howard and Darrin Ruf, Brown is the type of hitter that should see regular at bats in the Phillies outfield, assuming they do not sign a free agent outfielder this offseason.