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Fake Teams Consensus Prospect Rankings: Outfielders 16 to 30

The prospect staff at Fake Teams releases the rest of their top 30 fantasy outfield prospects for 2013.


With each week being dedicated to our consensus rankings at a particular position, the prospect staff at Fake Teams will also be providing position-specific coverage during these weeks. This will include a pair of prospect profiles, as well as a comparison post between two similar prospects at the position. And of course, we will be releasing our top 20 prospects at the position. This differs slightly from what we did last year, as these rankings are for the long term, rather than providing a separate list for the upcoming season only.

Bret Sayre, Craig Goldstein, and I have discussed the ranking of each player on these lists, and have come to a determination on each them of where they belong on the list. There are a number of groupings where, if you believe a prospect should move up or down a slot, we would probably not disagree. Prospect rankings remain a picture of what we see based on the information available at that moment in time, and are likely to change as the offseason progresses.

The top 10 prospects will be released on Tuesday of each week, and prospects 11-20 will be released on Thursday. With that, you can view our top 15 outfield prospects here, and here are the rest of our top 30 outfield prospects:

16. Bubba Starling (KC) (Profile in MLKT Series)

Starling has lost his luster somewhat after seeing him play in short season ball at the age of 19. However, we wonder if it may be a case of being the old toy which hasn't shown us everything it can yet with Starling, and Craig will have a post about him a bit later today.

Estimated ETA: Late 2016

17. Aaron Hicks (MIN) (Profile in MLKT Series)

Hicks was really starting to look like a lost draft pick until last season, when he hit 13 home runs, stole 32 bases, and hit .286 at AA. There is a clear path for him to the starting center field job in Minnesota, and may even be given a shot to win the job in Spring Training.

Estimated ETA: Late 2013

18. Adam Eaton (ARI) (Profile in MLKT Series)

Eaton debuted in Arizona late last season after winning the Pacific Coast League MVP award, and could be a nice source of batting average, runs, and speed as he will likely be the starting center fielder this year for the Diamondbacks.

Estimated ETA: 2013

19. Albert Almora (CHC) (Profile in MLKT Series)

Almora was the top draft pick by the Cubs in this year's draft, and is viewed has being a potential five tool center fielder in the long-term. How much of his value is tied into his defensive profile remains to be seen, but there is a possibility he may be a better real-life prospect than fantasy one.

Estimated ETA: 2016

20. Michael Choice (OAK) (Profile in MLKT Series)

Choice was just starting to hit better last year at AA when a hit by pitch fractured his hand and ended his season. He remains a top power prospect, could very well start the season at AAA Sacramento, and potentially see time late in the year in Oakland.

Estimated ETA: 2014

21. Jake Marisnick (MIA) (Profile in MLKT Series)

Marisnick was traded by the Blue Jays as a part of the behemoth trade, and a down year between High-A and AA may have knocked Marisnick down on some prospect rankings. He still has the potential to be a 5-10 home run, 25-30 stolen base outfielder with a solid batting average, but it doesn't seem like as sure of a thing as it did a year ago.

Estimated ETA: 2014

22. Jorge Bonifacio (KC) (Profile in MLKT Series)

Bonifacio played the 2012 season in Low-A, and while the numbers aren't overwhelming to this point, the scouting reports have pointed to a player who has the potential to be a fantasy monster. The performance numbers may not catch up in 2013 as he'll head to a definite pitchers' park in Wilmington, but he could be a 5 category contributor if everything comes together for him.

Estimated ETA: Late 2015

23. Lewis Brinson (TEX)

Brinson was drafted by the Rangers late in the first round this season, and showed a lot of what made him a first rounder in the Arizona Rookie League. He showed excellent power (36 extra base hits including 7 home runs), speed (14 for 16 SB), and hit .283 in 54 games. The Arizona Rookie League is known for being an offense paradise, but the reports on Brinson point to a player who could be an excellent fantasy outfielder.

Estimated ETA: Late 2016

24. Josh Bell (PIT) (Profile in MLKT Series)

Bell missed the majority of the season in 2012 after injuring his knee in April, and for him the biggest thing now is to get more at bats and chances in the outfield so that he can continue to develop. He was considered a top 10 talent in his draft, but fell primarily due to signability concerns.

Estimated ETA: 2016

25. Jackie Bradley (BOS) (Profile in MLKT Series)

Bradley has shown himself to be a high batting average, solid speed-producing center fielder, reaching AA in the process in 2012. A lot of his value as a prospect ties into the fact that he is expected to be a plus defender in center field, but he could be a top of the order threat which provides a ton of value through stolen bases, runs, and batting average.

Estimated ETA: Late 2013

26. Courtney Hawkins (CHW) (Profile in MLKT Series)

Hawkins was moved through the system quickly this year despite being drafted in June, and he definitely showed off the tool profile that made him the #13 overall pick. Hawkins reached High-A in time for the playoffs this year, and it wouldn't surprise me if he was sent back there to start the season despite only having played 16 games at the Low-A level. He has the potential to also be a five category fantasy contributor, but as with most high schoolers, it could be a while before he achieves that.

Estimated ETA: 2015

27. D.J. Davis (TOR)

Davis hit 5 home runs and stole 25 bases in 60 games between three different levels, and the reports point to an athlete who is still learning some of the nuances related to baseball. He could potentially provide a high batting average to go with excellent speed in the long term, but is likely at least a few years away. It would not surprise me if the Blue Jays sent him to a full season league to start 2013.

Estimated ETA: 2016

28. Bryce Brentz (BOS) (Profile in MLKT Series)

Brentz has a prototypical corner outfield profile at this point, as he has shown excellent power (17 home runs this year at AA), and has an excellent arm suitable for right field. He played briefly at AAA last year, and could see time in the Majors should an injury arise there. Long term he should profile as a solid power source with a decent batting average.

Estimated ETA: Late 2013

29. Slade Heathcott (NYY) (Profile in MLKT Series)

I wrote in the linked post that Heathcott remains a lot of projection at this point, and Baseball America even ranked him higher than our #13 prospect, Tyler Austin. The ceiling may be higher for Heathcott than Austin, but there still remains a ton of risk for him, especially with regard to his health.

Estimated ETA: 2015

30. Gary Brown (SF)

Brown was a huge point of contention as we completed our rankings this year. It is difficult, because the performance at AA left a lot to be desired after what we saw from him at High-A. If everything goes to plan, he'll be a plus defender in center field, with elite speed and potentially a high batting average and a bit of power. However, there are a lot of concerns about whether he can develop into that or not.

Estimated ETA: Late 2013