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Lakers' Coach Mike Brown FIRED: The Fantasy Implications

WHAT THE FEBRUARY!?!?! That was my first reaction just 15 minutes ago when I found out the Lakers have ditched coach Mike Brown and his Princeton offense after just 71 regular season games going back to last year.

Kevin C. Cox

Now the question is who is going to be the replacement? Depending on your answer you're either really excited or quite bummed about Kupchak's quick trigger in letting Brown walk, at least from a fantasy perspective. On one hand, you have the aging but very successful options like Larry Brown and Phil Jackson. Even if you don't know what the triangle offense is, you'd definitely be pumped about the Zen Master himself returning, particularly if you own Kobe Bryant or Dwight Howard. Kobe because he wants another ring and will listen to Phil to get it, and Dwight because he might actually stop thinking about himself long enough to further his exploits as the NBA's most dominating big man, plus listening to Phil might get Shaq off his back (though Howard probably doesn't care about what Shaq thinks anyway).

Finally, there is the man that should be everybody's first choice when it comes to any and all Lakers putting up ridiculous fantasy lines every night for the entire season, former Knicks and Suns bench boss Mike D'Antoni. No doubt Steve Nash would vouche for this guy and average like 27 assists per game once he comes back from his bruised shin. While its no sure bet that D'Antoni could ever lead a team to a championship on the court, owning his version of the Lakers off of it will bring you to fantasy richest beyond your wildest dreams no doubt.

To get real for a second, D'Antoni is kind of a wild pick given that almost every coach in basketball and sports in general for that matter believes that defense wins championships. On the other hand, D'Antoni is probably the only coach in the league that can satisfy the egos of the megastars that the purple and gold possess. Its hard to imagine anybody complaining about not getting their share of shots when the team could average 115 points a night, even though we can all agree shooting until your arms go numb isn't exactly highly strategic play that needs to be drawn up on a whiteboard.

While the discussion about who will be the next coach of the Lakers is a topic that will remain hot until they have picked their man, here's your fair warning to start trading for anybody in purple in gold while the team is ice cold!

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