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Fake Teams 2013 Fantasy Baseball Position Rankings (MLB and MiLB) Coming Monday

Over the last few weeks, Fake Teams fantasy baseball writers put together their 2013 position rankings, and we will begin rolling them out on Monday.

Doug Pensinger

Over the last few weeks, Fake Teams fantasy baseball writers, Jason Hunt, Craig Goldstein and Bret Sayre and I have put together our individual 2013 position rankings, and from that Bret has compiled our Fake Teams Consensus Rankings. We will begin rolling out our consensus position rankings on Monday, and will start with our Catcher Rankings for 2013. But, that is not all. At Bret's suggestion (thanks Bret), we are planning on dedicating a week to each position, so not only will you get MLB position rankings, but you will get fantasy prospect rankings and more. Here is our schedule for next week, Catcher's Week:


7am: Catcher: The State of the Position

10am: 2013 Catcher Rankings - #1 - 13

12pm: Catcher Spotlight: Salvador Perez

3pm: Catcher Spotlight: Brian McCann


7am: 2013 Fantasy Catching Prospects - #1 - 10

10am: Prospect Report: Austin Hedges

12pm: The Debate (Point): Carlos Santana

3pm: Catcher Spotlight: Carlos Ruiz


7am: 2013 Catcher Rankings - #14 - 25

10am: Prospect Report: Mike Zunino

12pm: The Debate (Counterpoint): Carlos Santana

3pm: Catcher Spotlight: Derek Norris


7am: Staff Post: Who to Target in 2013

10am: 2013 Fantasy Catching Prospect - #11 - 20

12pm: Prospect Report - Stryker Trahan vs Clint Coulter

3pm: Catcher Spotlight: Mike Napoli


7am: Staff Post - Who to Avoid in 2013

10am: AL-Only Catcher Sleepers for 2013

12pm: NL-Only Catcher Sleepers for 2013

3pm: Catcher Spotlight: Devin Mesoraco

This Rankings Series is the most comprehensive offseason coverage we have ever had here at Fake Teams, and it will continue into January, as we will cover a position each week.

Jason, Craig, Bret and I participated in the individual position rankings, and thanks to Bret who compiled all of the rankings which resulted in the Fake Teams Consensus Position Rankings. In addition, Paul Rice, Brian French, Alex Kantecki and Brad Dengler will all be contributing to the weekly position coverage through January.

Make sure you stop by Fake Teams for Catcher Rankings week starting on Monday, as we are all excited to launch our 2013 Position Rankings and in-depth coverage for each position.