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Cavaliers' Anderson Varejao A Fantasy Beast?

Anderson Varejao has played like a franchise player through the first seven games of this season on a young Cavaliers squad that’s still a few years away from being really competitive in the Eastern Conference again. The question is, will his torrid pace continue over an entire 82 game season?


Judging by the fact that the team has one just twice so far this season and they don't have a ton of veteran leadership, the quick answer is yes. Varejao is averaging a shade under 16 points a game to go with close to 14 rebounds. In 25 games last season, he managed more than 15 boards just four times and he has done that three times this season already. So unless Kyrie Irving is going through puberty at much later age than most of us already have and he grows two feet over the course of the season, you can bet your bottom dollar that Varejao will be their main man in the middle, and one of the best fantasy centers in the league all year long.

Mind you, there is at least one disclaimer you have to include in judging Varejao's status as a fantasy beast and that is his health. Prior to this season, Anderson has appeared in just 56 games total in the past two years. When you consider that last season only consisted of 66 total games, Varejao has missed 60% of all the regular season games he could have appeared in and he's played in over 60 games just three times in eight full seasons in the NBA.

Even still, you've got to have some good fortune come your way eventually when it comes to health and maybe playing on a part time basis the last two years was exactly what Varejao needed to fully heal and play with the aggressiveness that has allowed him to flourish this season. Sure his 60% field goal percentage and 71% efficiency from the free throw line will probably drop at least slightly over a full schedule, but with Varejao leading the charge for the Caveliers down the middle, you should have at least one center in full beast mode for the remainder of the season.

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