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Fantasy Baseball Thoughts: Josh Hamilton, David Wright and Others

Ray Guilfoyle offers his thoughts on some big names in the news recently, including Josh Hamilton, David Wright, Matt Kemp and others.

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The Rangers have several decisions to make this offseason, and one of them is whether to sign Hamilton a long term contract or not. My gut tells me they won't be resigning him. If that happens, what are his options? There have been some reports that the San Francisco Giants may make a play for him as an answer to the Dodgers huge trade which sent Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford to Los Angeles. Another possible destination could be the New York Yankees, depending on what they decide to do with outfielder Nick Swisher. Swisher is a free agent this offseason and will be looking for a big payday. Should the Yankees allow Swisher to leave via free agency, Hamilton could be a nice fit in New York, as he could hit 50 home runs with the short right field porch in Yankee Stadium.

Hamilton has already stated that he won't give the Rangers a hometown discount, so it'e entirely possible we have seen his last at bat in a Rangers uniform. His fantasy value would increase if he signs with the Yankees, but would drop if he signs with most any other team.

If Hamilton leaves, the Rangers could dangle shortstop Elvis Andrus to other teams in a search for a power hitting outfielder. Andrus could become available with the presence of shortstop prospect Jurickson Profar, the No. 1 prospect according to some prospect experts. One team looking to upgrade at shortstop is the Arizona Diamondbacks, and they appear to be a good match with the Rangers, as they have five outfielders from which to trade. One name floated in trade rumors last offseason, and around the trade deadline this season was Justin Upton. An Upton-Andrus deal will be talked about much this offseason. Upton's value could see a boost with a trade to the Rangers, as he would be hitting in a much better lineup, presenting more RBI opportunities. I see Upton bouncing back in 2013 no matter where he plays.

It was reported on Saturday that the Mets could sign David Wright to an extension before the World Series. Wright will command a contract worth over $100 million. His power trend mimics a rollercoaster over the last 5 years. Let's take a look:

2008: 33 HRs, .232 ISO, .534 SLG

2009: 10 HRs .140 ISO, .447 SLG

2010: 29 HRs, .220 ISO, .503 SLG

2011: 14 HRs, .172 ISO, .427 SLG

2012: 21 HRs, .186 ISO, .492 SLG

Wright turns 30 this month, and although he is one of the better fantasy third baseman, the power drop is concerning for fantasy owners. Wright is good for a very good BA, 80-100 RBIs and double digit steals every season, but there were 8 other third baseman who hit more home runs than Wright this season, and guys like Mike Moustakas will probably hit for more power than Wright in 2013.

Matt Kemp had surgery on his left shoulder on Friday, and the doctors found that his shoulder was worse than expected. There are reports that he will be ready for the start of the 2013 season, but I am skeptical. I will be dropping Kemp in my outfield rankings and my overall Top 100 as well.

Speaking of the Dodgers, GM Ned Colletti was quoted this weekend saying that his main priority this offseason is the starting rotation, and it is expected that they are targeting Zack Greinke, who is a free agent this offseason. Can you imagine him pitching in the pitchers park that is Dodgers Stadium? Greinke ended the season with 15-5 record, with a 3.48 ERA, 3.10 FIP, a 3.22 xFIP, a 1.20 WHIP and a 200-54 strikeout to walk ratio in 212.1 innings this season. Greinke's fantasy value would rise if he signed with the Dodgers, as more than half of his starts would be in pitchers parks.