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Fantasy Baseball: Top 100 Hitters for 2013-Part 2

Ray Guilfoyle provides an early look at his Top 51 - 100 Hitters for 2013.

Dave Reginek - Getty Images

I posted my updated Top 50 Hitters for 2013 on Sunday, so today I am going to post my Top 51 - 100 Hitters for 2013. Keep in mind that these rankings are my early thoughts on my hitter rankings and could change after we complete our review of my 2012 Position Rankings once the season is over. With that said, these rankings are my thoughts on how these hitters will perform in 2013, not based on how they performed in 2012, so there may a few players included in my rankings that were horrible in 2012. Think Eric Hosmer. I also will be higher on some guys than others, as I am not basing my rankings on how others rank these players. These are my own rankings. In addition, I will probably be lower on some players than you will see elsewhere. Think Albert Pujols or Jose Bautista.

Here are my Top 51-100 Hitter Rankings for 2013:

51. Yoenis Cespedes,, OAK

52. Paul Konerko, CHW

53. Paul Goldschmidt, ARI

54. Carlos Santana, CLE

55. Matt Wieters, BAL

56. Jacoby Ellsbury, BOS

57. David Freese, STL

58. Carlos Beltran, STL

59. Corey Hart, MIL

60. Pablo Sandoval, SFG

61. Alex Rios, CHW

62. Ryan Howard, PHI

63. Aaron Hill, ARI

64. Jimmy Rollins, PHI

65. Carl Crawford, LAD

66. Mark Trumbo, LAA

67. Shin-Soo Choo, CLE

68. Austin Jackson, DET

69. Alex Gordon, KC

70. Michael Bourn, ATL

71. Josh Reddick, OAK

72. Jason Kubel, ARI

73. Hunter Pence, SFG

74. Melky Cabrera, SFG

75. Nelson Cruz, TEX

76. Adam Laroche, WAS

77. Nick Swisher, NYY

78. Carlos Ruiz, PHI

79. Alfonso Soriano, CHC

80. Anthony Rizzo, CHC

81. Mike Moustakas, KC

82. Derek Jeter, NYY

83. Jason Kipnis, CLE

84. Pedro Alvarez, PIT

85. Freddie Freeman, ATL

86. Adam Dunn, CHW

87. Chris Davis, BAL

88. Neil Walker, PIT

89. Danny Espinosa, WAS

90. Manny Machado, BAL

91. Asdrubal Cabrera, CLE

92. Dexter Fowler, COL

93. Carlos Gomez, MIL

94. Michael Cuddyer, COL

95. Michael Morse, WAS

96. Jayson Werth, WAS

97. Miguel Montero, ARI

98. Jesus Montero, SEA

99. Wilin Rosario, COL

100. Jose Altuve, HOU

Looking at my 51 - 100 rankings, an argument could be made to rank Player A ahead of Player B, and I probably would not disagree too vehemently. I could change my rankings between player 51 and player 75 twenty different times, as they are that close, in my opinion.

I will update this article with comments on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.