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Fantasy Hockey 2011: Saturday Starting Backup Goalies

Hey folks. Sorry about lagging behind be I've been sick lately. Here's the latest on a list of backup goalies who have been verified to start today.

Curtis Sanford, Blue Jackets vs. Kings - He has not done a very good job in the three career starts against the Kings, who are suddenly hot the past few games.

Jonas Gustavsson, Maple Leafs vs. Red Wings - He has only started against the Wings once in his young career and did a good job at the time but it's still hard to say whether the Leafs will get a good Jonas or bad Jonas.

Justin Peters, Hurricanes vs. Predators - He's starting for the first time against the Preds in his career. The Preds have been playing strong so I wouldn't recommend Peters.

Stay tuned for more verified reports of backup goalies starting today and later on tonight. In the mean time, follow us on Twitter at @FakeTeams!