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Fantasy Basketball Waiver Wire Guide From Friday

We had 12 games to cover from Friday, so I'll just save the time writing an introduction. That time saved will be passed on to yoooouuuuuu with this edition being only three easy payments of $19.95 and 9/10 cents... Kidding of course.

All the guys that gained value and Pick-N-Roll after the jump:

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Here's a quick list of some inclining-value guys that should be old news and are probably already owned (ranked left to right):

Paul George, Anderson Varejao, Al Harrington, Jason Richardson and Nick Young,

The following is a list of players that are available in 50 percent (or close to it) of ESPN leagues. They are arranged with the most valuable guy on top:

1. Iman Shumpert- 21 Shump Street is the hottest property of real estate on the waiver wire right now. 37 minutes, five steals, seven dimes and a three (on five attempts) are ridiculous for a rookie in one of the best fantasy offenses. There has to be someone to cut to get him.

2. Tyrus Thomas- Ty Tom played 34 minutes in his return which is really enough to consider him in every league. His line of seven points, five boards, a steal and a block doesn't do him justice. Grab him right meow.

3. Brandon Knight- Knight was a beneficiary of Stuckey (groin) and Gordon (personal) out of the lineup. He logged 37 minutes and took 15 shots to hand in an OK line of 10 points, nine boards and four assists. The Pistons are bad and Knight will be pretty inconsistent, but since he will probably get heavy burn down the stretch he is worth keeping until he really struggles at the least.

4. Jared Dudley- Dudley has done a nice job in the starting lineup and I doubt the possible lineup change has anything to do with him. Even sitting for most of the fourth quarter didn't stop him from playing 30 minutes and scoring 18 points with three steals. He's getting real hot again.

5. Amir Johnson- Amir Johnson is developing some consistency as an NBA big. He was one of the most hack-prone bigs in the league with Detroit, however, he's done a much better job and only had two fouls in 25 minutes. He put in eight points and grabbed 10 boards while eradicating two shots. He's playing better than Ed Davis.

6. Derrick Williams- Michael Beasley could miss a handful of games and this opens the door wide open for the U of A stud. He has a great all-round game and should be a top-100 player while Beasley is out. Maybe Williams can earn a role, but it'll be awfully tough with Mr. Love holding down the four and Beasley getting a lot of minutes at the three. He did shoot 59 3P% last year at a 1.9 shot-per-game clip and also went to the line 8.7 times while knocking down 75 percent of those back in the 520 (that's Tuscon, what's up cool kids?). He's definitely someone that should be owned until this gets sorted out and you can make a case for him being number three on this list.

7. Tony Allen- I was surprised to see that T.A. was only owned in 33 percent of ESPN leagues. That should change with his third good game in a row yielding 21 points, six boards, a steal and a rare three. His owners should see some nice stats until Marreese Speights gets into the groove. Plus there is no guarantee that happens.

8. Jonas Jerebko- The Swedish Missile is one of the most under appreciate fantasy assets, yet has been fairly consistent. Friday was a boring seven points, nine boards and two steals in 32 minutes. Those 32 minutes are his exact average (32.0) in his last five games and just about any big man will do damage with that allotment. He also shoots the three making him an interesting guy to grab.

9. Arron Affalo- 34 minutes for Double-A on Friday. That marked a season high for him and it didn't really translate to a big line with no threes (on four attempts) for 13 points. Affalo can catch fire really quick in the up-tempo Denver O, so if he's not yet owned, keep a very close eye on him.

10. Marvin Williams- No T-Mac, no problem. Marvelous Marvin did some work with 15 points, nine boards, a steal and a three in 32 minutes. As long as McGrady is out, he'll produce. Of course McGrady will likely be in and out of the lineup so it'll be tough to count on the UNC one-and-done stud on a regular basis. Contract year.

11. Byron Mullens- There are murmurs that Mullens could be hopping into the starting center spot and why not? The Bobbies don't have a healthy C on the roster and they've been counting on power forward D.J. White to handle those chores. While White has been playing very well, he's not untouchable and a possible change does make some sense since White had some chances and Mullins has not. Mullins has a J and could provide some blocks with his points. If you need a center in a deeper league, he might be your man.

12. Luke Ridnour- He's splitting time with Rubio and his upside is limited. Not to mention his arrow is ever so slightly point downward. All that aside, in his last five, he's dropping dimes (4.2), scoring (11.2), stealing (1.0) and hitting threes (1.2). Those numbers are more than serviceable. If you're dying for a point guard, consider him a top-10 guy on this list.

13. Evan Turner- Turner hasn't really been able to string games together just yet. For what it's worth, he's been very good as far as playing basketball goes. He got 31 minutes two games ago and 26 minutes on Friday. If he can stay around 30 MPG, he'll have value in most leagues.

14. Greivis Vasquez- I was probably the only person that mentioned Vasquez last week, so I might be a little biased for getting it right. The Terp blew up on Friday to the tune of 16 points, four boards, four assists, two steals, a block, four (!!) threes and only one turnover in 26 minutes. Eric Gordon is out for 2-to-3 weeks and considering that Vasquez just joined the team as the season started. He could jack some of Jarrett's minutes and when a guy hits four threes, he has a nice ceiling. There also has to be at least a one percent chance he can take Jack's job. Just sayin'. He should certainly grab your attention.

Side note: I really want to put him higher and he'll probably jump up in the event of another big game next time out there.

15. Marco Belinelli- 40 minutes. Three treys. That's a spicy meatball for the Italian. He's not playing well and I'd be concerned with GV usurping minutes. Still a nice add while EJ is out.

16. Ed Davis- Davis had a talking to by Coach Casey and he looked a little better on Friday. He didn't blow up or anything with 11 points and eight boards, it's still an improvement and the Raps don't have many rebounders on the team.

17. Anthony Morrow- AM had a wake-up call with six treys on his way to 24 points. He won't be busting out like that with MarShon Brooks back in action in the near future. He could still get minutes at the three though and should be able to beat out DeShawn Stevenson (33 minutes tonight).

18. Thaddeus Young- Thad has been very boring this year, but with Elton Brand not looking himself, and you could call it a hunch, I think Brand will miss some games soon. Secondly, Brand might not be able to play 30 MPG either. Thad's last five have been 13.4 PPG, 4.6 RPG and 1.2 SPG while shooting 51 percent from the floor. Pretty big numbers that could be improving.

19. Markieff Morris- Tweeted this Friday night:

I'd be a little concerned about Channing Frye. Markieff Morris is really playing well and has shown a well-balanced game (not talkin' stats)

Most of Morris' stats (13 pts, 9 boards,a block and 3 3PM) came with garbage time, but he made some nice passes and had great position on D

Keep a close eye on him with the possibility of a lineup change on the horizon.

20. Jodie Meeks- Is anyone else very sick of the "Meeks shall inherit" crap? I am. Nobody will be sick of four triples for 21 points as a starter. Meeks is a one-trick pony for the most part, so only grab him in leagues where you're seeking bombs. Or deep. Obviously.

21. Klay Thompson- Klay Thompson had his best game as a pro with 6-of-8 shooting for 14 points. He has one of the smoothest and quickest strokes in the league and it wouldn't be a stretch to see him hit 24 MPG for the season. He had 22 MPG on Friday.

22. Josh Howard- Howard does have the ACL surgery he recovered from in 2010 and he's dealing with other leg issues as well. He hobbles around the court quite a bit. There's your warning. Besides that, he's played well and added a 13-point outing in 27 minutes on Friday. C.J. Miles is old news like C.J. Parker (click here if you don't know who that is) and Howard could be getting more minutes as well as Alec Burks (by the way, a bad game for Burks; he's still my guy though).

23. Nate Robinson- Mark Jackson is starting to coach like he broadcasts. Lil' Nate played 31 minutes and scored nine early points. Maybe he'll have value. Doubtful though.

24. Alonzo Gee- It looks like Low Gee Man is ahead of Omri Casspi. Gee got 27 minutes and scored 11 points with two steals, a block and a three while the Hebrew Hammer only got 18 and scored five. I'd make the switch like Amare Stoudemire. Shalom.

25. Chris Singleton- Singleton had the sneaky line of the night and let's quote myself from yesterday:

Singleton was a great fit for Washington because of their need for a perimeter defender. He has the oft-injured and vastly overpaid Rashard Lewis in front of him to really put a damper on his current value. Although it's worth noting that he is very good in the defensive stats and he's shooting threes. He could be a poor-man's Batum.

12 points, seven boards, three steals, two blocks and two triples are far better than I expected.

26. Kyle Korver- Korver got hot in his 31 minutes and hit five threes. More of a flash in the pan unless you're dying for threes.

27. DeShawn Stevenson- Might have value whlie MarShon is out and got 33 minutes on Friday.

28. Austin Daye- He hurt his ankle during the game and still shot the ball 11 times. Sadly, he only hit two shots and didn't help himself with Stuckey and BG out. He doesn't have much value unless they both miss time again.

29. Goran Dragic- Had a double-double with Lowry out. Lowry's foot injury isn't serious, so this is more of a heads up should something happen to Lowry in the future.

30. Matt Barnes- Started and played well.

31. Johan Petro- Okur has back spasms. He could get minutes before the Nets make a call to the Springfield Armor.

32. Shelden Williams- Okur has back spasms. He could get minutes before the Nets make a call to the Springfield Armor. This is a recording.

33. Chandler Parsons- Believe it or not he is playing pretty well and could push Budinger for minutes.

34. Will Bynum- In case of emergency in Detroit, it's the Will Bynum Experience. He'll only have value in a chaotic situation like tonight.

35. Nikola Vucevic- Three minutes tonight and has upside.

Thanks for reading! The PNR is below!

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