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2012 Fantasy Outlook: Josh Beckett

For me, Beckett is indeed very hard to evaluate. BaseballHQ has him as a $19 SP, Rotowire has his value at $17. What value to you place on Beckett this year?

Coming off an injury riddled and largely disappointing 2010 campaign, Josh Beckett responded with a great 2011 season. He provided an immense amount of value for owners, posting near top-10 numbers among starting pitchers despite going as late as the 17th or 18th round of drafts. Looking ahead to the 2012 season, Beckett is a tough player to project for fantasy purposes

MLB Rumors - MLB Trade Rumors, Free Agency Rumors and More - Rumor Central - ESPN

Rosental tweeted Tuesday that many in the industry believe Boras wants an opt-out clause in Fielder's contract, perhaps like the one utilized by Yankees lefty CC Sabathia this offseason.

Rookie Redux: Which 2011 Rookie Catchers Are Worth Targeting In 2012? | Rotoprofessor
Rotoprofessor recommends Arencibia and Ramos, and avoids Conger. Which 2011 rookie catchers will you invest in?

Top 10 High Risk Veterans -- Part 2 | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Despite Rickie Weeks' many trips to the DL, I do not consider him an injury risk as much as players like Cruz, Hamilton, and A-Rod. Many of his injury's have been as fluky as they get. Great article here on 10 high risk veterans...