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Fantasy Basketball Recap: Waiver Wire and Breakdown

Cleveland Cavaliers 115, Charlotte Bobcats 103

It was the return of Doris Biaw in the early game of the night. Diaw put up a goose egg with only five boards, two assists and a block in 18 minutes. He has been off to such a great start that his owners absolutely have to cut him some slack. Corey Maggette got busy at the free-throw line by making 13-of-14 on his way to 21 points, eight boards, two assists and three turnovers in 37 minutes. This was a statement made by Mags and he gained plenty of allure for those looking for help in points and FT%. Gerald Henderson got off to an abysmal start, but was able to get hot in the late part of the game to finish with 16 points, five boards and a steal. He should be owned in more leagues. D.J. Augustin played his best game of the year with 26 points, nine dimes and four triples in 38 minutes. His gain is the loss of Kemba Walker who lost a lot of steam with only 13 minutes played for two points and no other stats. Bismack Biyombo was solid with eight points, five boards and two blocks in 21 minutes. He'll need some seasoning before he has value, but throw him on your watch list in some deeper leagues. D.J. White was solid in 31 minutes with 10 points and seven boards, but he's really just keeping the seat warm for Tyrus Thomas.

The Cavs are over .500! Kyrie Irving made some noise with a big game that included 20 points on 8-of-10 shooting, six dimes, three boards, two blocks and two triples. Oh and no turnovers! I don't think he's a sell high and if you took him, you likely spent a pretty penny. I think he'll be a top-50 asset in a few weeks. Antawn Jamison is one of the least desirable players out there, but he puts up numbers with his latest game of 19 points, six boards, two steals, two blocks and two threes. He'll be solid; owners should beware that his value could plummet after the trade deadline. A player that would benefit largely from a deal of Jams would be Tristian Thompson. TT had his best game of the year with 16 points, six boards, and two blocks. Beware of the hideous free throws though (2-of-6 tonight). Daniel Gibson also had an impact with eight points, two triples, a block and a steal in 27 minutes. He should be able to get 20 minutes or so. Ramon Sessions held his value for Cleveland with 11 points, nine boards, two steals and just one TO in 27 minutes. He should be one of the best players to come off the bench in all of fantasy even with Kyrie on the upswing.

Check out the recap show and which guys gained value on the wire after the jump:

Guys that gained value and are available in 50 percent of ESPN Leagues that played on Tuesday (arranged based on guys with the highest value as a pickup with all things being equal. Plus since it's earlier in the season, guys with better long-term value get an edge over a guy that can be a Band Aid). Tune in to the show below to get detailed analysis:

1.Jimmer Fredette- Jimmer hit four threes.

2. Ramon Sessions- Sessions still getting minutes and now shooting threes on top of serviceable dime and point total.

3.Nicolas Batum- Camby doesn't look healthy which could help Batum get minutes in a small lineup. Filling it up lately. He's the only guy owned in more than 50 percent of leagues, but I've seen him cut loose

4. Derrick Favors- He blocked five shots and would become a superstar if Al Jeff's ankle is dinged up.

5. Marvin Williams- Inconsistent, but T-Mac already showing he might have a tough time staying healthy.

6. J.J. Hickson- Kings rotation is a mess, but a decent 12 & 10 in 23 minutes.

7. Tristan Thompson- Nice impact with 16 points, seven boards and two blocks. Firmly on the radar.

8. Earl Watson- Devin Harris hurt his calf and Watson had eight dimes. Band Aid.

9. Drew Gooden- 24 and 12 without Bogut. J. Leuer only with nine minutes.

10. Chase Budinger- Four threes.

11. O.J. Mayo- He only played 20 minutes; 8-of-11 for 16 pretty nice though.

12. Alec Burks- I love this kid's game. Period.

13. Tracy McGrady- Dinged up. Very tough to own for long-term value.

14 Nick Collison- Nick. Collison.

15. Alonzo Gee- Low Gee Man looks like he could be passing Omri Casspi.

16. Sam Young- Fantastic job filling in for Z-Bo with 20 points.

17. Terrence Williams- Could get more burn with Courtney Lee hurting calf.

18. Ersan Ilyasova- The Turkish Roller Coaster.

19. Bismack Biyombo- A couple blocks and looking quick on D.

20. D.J. White- Band Aid for Ty Tom owners.

21. Daniel Gibson- Hitting threes and getting decent minutes for CLE.

22. Ronnie Brewer-Rip should be back soon.

23. Byron Mullens- Deep Band Aid.

24. Jamaal Tinsley-Deeper Band Aid*

25. Travis Outlaw- Yeaaah. No.

26. Isaiah Thomas-Had a huge line in 16 minutes: 15 points, five boards, three assists, a steal and two triples. Future reference if the Kings fall apart or something.

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