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Fantasy Basketball: All Questions Answered Thread

We might not be seeing MarShon Brooks for quite some time with his broken toe.
We might not be seeing MarShon Brooks for quite some time with his broken toe.

The injuries are really starting to accumulate these days. Every fantasy team is different because of league format, place in the standings and obviously the players on the team. That means every single transaction varies based on the circumstance.

It's with that idea in mind we have the All Questions Answered Thread every week. Personally, this past weekend was a record-setting one for me with the amount of questions (just to be clear: I'm not complaining) on my Twitter account and I got a lot of open-ended questions which I really couldn't give a great answer. A popular question was: When should I pick up Brook Lopez? There are so many factors that come with this question or ones like it, so it would make a lot more sense for that to be asked on here. Plus, I'd also like to mention that adding to a question like this would be mentioning which are the best available players on the wire to use as a barometer.

You can ask me anything like ranking a list of players based on your format (probably my favorite type of question to answer), trade props that would be best suited for your format, daily adds based on your matchup or anything else that might help you in your situation.

In summation, the more info you give in your question, the better answer I can give you. Fire away!
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