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FakeTeams Dynasty League Draft Results: Round 15

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We are in the middle of Round 16 in the FakeTeams Dynasty League draft, so here is my analysis of the Round 15 picks. This round allows the owner to keep the player for $2 for the next 4 years, so I reached a bit here, again, with a guy who I think could either be traded at some point, or could get close to 400 at bats in 2012. But, either way, his value should increase in the next year or so. My choice here was Yankees utility hitter Eduardo Nunez. I think he could steal 30+ bases in a full-time role, whenever that happens.

Onto the Round 15 picks:

Round 15 - $2 - 4 Years

Oakland Athletics - Brad Peacock - SP - Oakland Athletics
Colorado Rockies - Austin Jackson - OF - Detroit Tigers
Arizona Diamondbacks - Dayan Viciedo - OF - Chicago White Sox
Brooklyn Nets - Chris Perez - RP - Cleveland Indians
Anaheim Angels - Addison Reed - RP - Chicago White Sox
Tampa Bay Rays - Pedro Alvarez - 3B - Pittsburgh Pirates
Carl Winslows - J.P. Arencibia - C - Toronto Blue Jays
Atlanta Braves - Jon Jay - OF - St Louis Cardinals
Miami Marlins - Jose Atluve - 2B - Houston Astros
Fake Teams - Eduardo Nunez - SS - New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox - Justin Morneau - 1B - Minnesota Twins
New York Mets - Melky Cabrera - OF - San Francisco Giants
Texas Rangers - Jose Tabata - OF - Pittsburgh Pirates
Bronx Bombers - Jonathan Sanchez - SP - Kansas City Royals
Los Angeles Dodgers - David Freese - 3B - St. Louis Cardinals
Toronto Blue Jays - Francisco Liriano - SP - Minnesota Twins

My analysis on Round 15 after the jump:

I liked the Rays choice of Pedro Alvarez here, as he still has time to turn things around at the plate. I remember hearing that the Pirates tried ti change his approach at the plate in 2011, which may have compounded the problem. Does he bounce back in 2012 or will he spend more time in AAA than in the big leagues?

Jose Altuve is a guy I targeted in this round and he was taken one pick before me. I think Altuve can provide a solid BA and 20+ stolen bases in 2012.

When I saw Jose Tabata taken, I kicked myself, as I thought he was already taken at this point in the draft. Nice pick for the Rangers here. I like him to bounce back in 2012 as well.

The Blue Jays are taking a chance on Francisco Liriano here, and I wonder if there were better options available.

The Red Sox chose Justin Morneau here, and I hope it turns out be a good pick as that would mean Morneau returns from his post concussion syndrome. Recent reports indicate that Morneau is still suffering from the post concussion syndrome this offseason.

I like the A's choice of Peacock here. He could be a decent late round pick in mixed leagues in 2012.