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Fake Teams 2012 Fantasy Baseball Ranks Spreadsheet

We at Fake Teams have been hard at work putting together rankings ahead of the 2012 baseball season, and we'll continue to work on updating them all the way up until Opening Day. Currently, though, finding ranks on the site is a bit cumbersome, so we've made it a little easier on you by compiling all of them into one place.

This Google Docs spreadsheet contains all of the 2012 ranks published on Fake Teams since the last day of the 2011 regular season, arranged by position and then by date. They are also color-coded by type of ranking and by author for easy reference. The spreadsheet is easily exportable for your own use, and it will be updated every time a new iteration of ranks is posted. I want to stress that we are not done ranking players. Please continue to check Fake Teams daily for fresh analysis.

Please give me your feedback, ideas, and corrections in the comments. I have plans to add links to all of the relevant articles, but let's call that a work in progress for now. Enjoy!