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Fantasy Basketball: All Questions Answers Thread

Man, the news wire was coming with more hits than the Braves and the Yankees at around 6:30 PM EST on Saturday. If you we're not bit by the injury bug yesterday, well, ya might want to play Trivial Pursuit for lottery loot. Or whatever game of your choice happens to be (also in a rhyme scheme). I covered all of yesterday's action in a jam-packed Pick-N-Roll which can be heard after the jump.

You guys should know the drill by now for the All Questions Answered Thread. Ask me about add/drops (please include who you're considering to add and drop), trade props, projections, roster tweaks, rotation changes, injury details on anything your heart desires. Bring it!

Also make sure you're a member for Fake Teams. It's totally free and we don't send you any junk. There's no catch besides we want to hear your opinion on some/all of our pieces. Do it!

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