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Fake Teams Dynasty League Draft Results: Round 16

It's been awhile since I posted draft results from the FakeTeams Dynasty League draft, so here are the results from Round 16. In Round 15, I drafted Yankees utility man Eduardo Nunez, and this was before the trade that sent Jesus Montero to the Mariners for Michael Pineda, so there is a chance this deal results in more at bats for Nunez. He could steal 30+ bases with 400+ at bats in 2012.

Onto Round 16

Round 16 - $2 - 4 Years

Toronto Blue Jays - Erik Bedard - SP - Pittsburgh Pirates
Los Angeles Dodgers - Erik O'Flaherty - RP - Atlanta Braves
Bronx Bombers - Daniel Bard - P - Boston Red Sox
Texas Rangers - Leonys Martin - OF - Texas Rangers
New York Mets - Joakim Soria - RP - Kansas City Royals
Boston Red Sox - Juan Nicasio - SP - Colorado Rockies
Fake Teams - Kelly Johnsoin -2B -Toronto Blue Jays
Miami Marlins - Rex Brothers - RP - Colorado Rockies
Atlanta Braves - Angel Pagan - OF - San Francisco Giants
Carl Winslows - Travis Snider - OF - Toronto BlueJays
Tampa Bay Rays - Carlos Lee - 1B/OF - Houston Astros
Anaheim Angels - Allen Craig - OF - St. Louis Cardinals
Brooklyn Nets - Chad Billingsley - SP - Los Angeles Dodgers
Arizona Diamondbacks - Zach Britton - SP - Baltimore Orioles
Colorado Rockies - Vinnie Pestano - RP - Cleveland Indians
Oakland Athletics - Mike Adams - RP - Texas Rangers

My thoughts on this round after the jump:

I realized I did not have a second baseman yet, so I had to draft the best available and Kelly Johnson was my guy. He may not hit for a high BA, but he is a good source of power and speed at second base.

It surprising that Joakim Soria was still available in the 16th round, but if this draft were taking place before the 2011 season, he would have been drafted about 6-7 rounds earlier. His FIP and xFIP were about .70 runs below his ERA of 4.03, so he didn't pitch that bad in 2011.

When the Marlins drafted Rex Brothers, I thought it was a nice pick, as he has a chance to close as soon as this season. But, the Rockies signed Rafael Betancourt to an extension yesterday, so that may change things a bit. Then again, the Rockies are trying to win now, despite the offseason pitching moves, and they will go with whoever will close a game out for them in 2012.

The Nets grabbed Dodgers starter Chad Billingsley here, and I like the pick. Had I not needed a second baseman, I would have considered Billz here as well. He is young enough to turn things around.