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Prospects Chat: Excerpts from Keith Law Chat

I haven't done one of these in awhile, so here are some excerpts from Keith Law's chat from Thursday afternoon. He mentioned that his Top 100 will be published the week after the Superbowl, so we have about 3 weeks to wait for that list.

But, with that said, John Sickels will be publishing his first Top 100 list this year at some point. He will publish it on Minor League Ball and Baseball Nation. Baseball Prospectus, Baseball America and Project Prospect will be publishing their Top 100 Prospects for 2012 lists in the next week or two as well, so there is a lot to look forward to leading into mid-February.

Onto the excerpts after the jump:

Doug (Cincy)

I'm not opposed to the Ludwick signing for depth purposes, but knowing that Dusty will start him about 70% of the time over Heisey, I'm not real thrilled about it. Agreed?

(1:07 PM)

Agreed. I think Heisey's better anyway, but he's also cheaper and under team control for five more years, so you want to play him to see if he can continue to develop.

I am not sure why the Reds went out and spent $2 million on Ludwick as well, but that might just be me complaining because I just drafted Chris Heisey in the FakeTeams Dynasty League. Heisey has the power to be a 25 HR hitter with 15-20 stolen bases as well, albeit with a league average BA.

Mike (DC)

Will Rendon eventually play 3B or 2B?

(1:23 PM)


Well OK then. I wonder if Mike Rizzo agrees with him, especially with the recent talk surrounding signing Ryan Zimmerman to an extension.

Cray (PA)

Out of the packages received for Gio, Latos, and Pineda, which do you like best?

(1:25 PM)

Montero was the single best prospect dealt in those deals. I did think the A's did extremely well for Gio.

I said the same last week after the Pineda-Montero deal. I actually thought the Padres did better than the A's, getting Yonder Alonso, Yasmani Grandal and Brad Boxberger for Mat Latos.

Kenny (London)

How would you rank the KC prospects: Starling, Cuthbert, Myers, Montgomery for future value?

(1:26 PM)

I apologize, but I'm not going to answer questions of this ilk until the prospects package runs.

KLaw has mentioned in the past that Cheslor Cuthber could be a star, and Bubba Starling has quite a high ceiling, so it will be interesting to see where he ranks Myers with those two.

Ryan (NYC)

What are your thoughts on Domonic Brown now, after ranking high so highly in last years list? Still has it or not going to happen?

(1:42 PM)

I feel like he's a change-of-scenery guy - has the physical tools, but might be damaged goods after all the tinkering and the big league struggles.

Damaged goods? I have not heard that before with regards to Brown. Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. may have missed his opportunity to deal Brown for value.