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Fantasy Baseball Links

The Long Road That is Kendrys Morales

A look at the Kendrys Morales injury and what it means for your Fantasy Baseball roster in 2012. Morales is a player that could win your league but there is of course extreme risk attached. I am targeting him in the 17th round if he makes it that far...

Kendrys Morales does not have a huge track record, as 2009 is still his only full season in the majors. Just in case you forgot, here is the stat line from 2009: 34 HR, 108 RBI, 86 RUNS, .308 AVG

Fantasy Baseball - Roto Authority ranks the catcher position for 2012. I personally have Carlos Santana pegged to emerge as the number one Catcher by years end

Mike Napoli, TEX - I wouldn't expect another .320/30/75 performance again, but Napoli has legitimate all-fields power and is in the right lineup and ballpark to continue putting up gaudy counting stats. He should also see some DH time to maximize his plate appearances.

The Wheelhouse: Missing the Boat - Power -

Derek VanRiper looks at some undervalued players like Carlos Gonzalez, Weeks, and Lind...

Carlos Gonzalez, OF, COL - (ExpertADP - 13.3) - The .336 average in 2010 was a fluke no matter how you tried to spin it. Gonzalez battled wrist injuries and missed plenty of time last season, getting just 127 games. His plate discipline improved both in the form of an increased walk rate (from 6.3 percent in 2010 to 8.9 percent last season) and in his strikeout rate, which tumbled from 21.2 percent to 19.4. On a per-PA basis, the power and speed he displayed in 2010 was steady, he's certainly capable of a .300/30/30/110/110 at age 26 if the wrist injury is finally behind him.

Closer Depth Chart: Fantasy Baseball -

Tim Dierkes breaks down all MLB bullpens. He has Brian Fuentes ahead of Grant Balfour to start as the A's closer. Look for Fautino De Los Santos to make a run at the gig come summer

Baseball Prospectus | Future Shock: Cincinnati Reds Top 11 Prospects

Billy Hamilton #1, and Devin Mesoraco #2. There is a lot of debate in the industry if Hamilton will be able to hit as he matures as a prospect. If the hit tool advances, we may finally return to the Vince Coleman days with seventy five plus stolen base threat. Yes, he broke the One Hundred mark in 2011!!

Lindor is loaded with tools. He's a switch-hitter with outstanding bat speed. He shocked officials by pounding balls out of Safeco Field, and projects to have as much as average power down the road (15-18 home runs annually). He's a 55-60 runner who should steal a good number of bases, and all of that is wrapped in a package of advanced shortstop skills including impressive range, hands and arm strength, and off-the-charts makeup.