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MLB Trade Rumors: Should the Rangers Sign Prince Fielder?

"We might be seeing more of each other real soon, Albert."
"We might be seeing more of each other real soon, Albert."

I finished writing my Top 12 for 2012 and was reading through my Twitter feed and found this tweet from RotoJesus:

Baseball Jesus
Grant: Prince Fielder has made it 'very, very clear' that he wants to be with Rangers:

I have thought all along that Fielder would sign with the Rangers, for many reasons, so I had to check out the link. The link took me to an article with quotes from Evan Grant, the Rangers beat writer for the Dallas Morning News. Here is an excerpt:

On if the Rangers' pursuit of Prince Fielder is simply a negotiating tactic for Yu Darvish:

Grant : I think there’s a lot is a lot of negotiating tactic going on here, but I think, when you cut to the chase, I think the Rangers are interest in signing both Yu Darvish and Prince Fielder. I expect the Darvish deal is going to get done. Nolan Ryan has been very upfront about saying he thinks it’s going to get done, they feel optimistic about that. But it’s very, very clear that this is where he wants to be. He’s waiting all winter, guys who normally have the kind of contract demands he has usually sign in December. We’re now in the second week of January and he’s still sitting there unsigned. It appears that he and Scott Boras have been waiting all along for the Rangers to get their Darvish situation settled so they could get down to brass tacks between Prince and the Rangers.

This might be the first time we have heard that Prince wants to play in Texas, and who can blame him? They have lost the last two World Series, and are set to be the favorites in the AL West again. Adding Prince makes so much sense for the Rangers and Fielder.

My thoughts on why Prince Fielder should sign with the Rangers after the jump:

Here are my reasons why the Rangers should sign Prince Fielder:

  • They need to respond to the Angels signing Albert Pujols this offseason
  • Adding Fielder to their lineup would make the Rangers the favorites to win the AL West and possibly the favorites to return to the World Series in 2012.
  • He has averaged 38 HRs and 110 RBI in his 6 years in the majors. He could push that to 40-120 hitting in the Texas lineup and in that ballpark.
  • Fielder could DH a few times a month to keep him rested, especially in that Texas heat.
  • Speaking of the Texas heat, wouldn't the fact that he'd be playing half of his games in Texas help him lose weight? The weight would not be an issue, right?
Should the Rangers sign Prince Fielder?