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Off Topic: Have You Ever Met Anyone Famous?

I got this idea from one our our readers who asked me if I am a friend of John Sickels or not. Here are some people I grew up with, went to school with, have met, or been in the same company:

  • I grew up with Willie Drewrey who was a star at West Virginia University and played in the NFL for the old Houston Oilers
  • I went to high school with Anthony Young who played football at Temple and was a starter for the Indianapolis Colts until he suffered a career ending neck injury.
  • I went to high school with Orlando Caceres who placed 4th in the 1984 Olympics in wresting
  • I grew up with Irv Smith who starred at Notre Dame and played tight end for the New Orleans Saints
  • I met NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown playing golf in Princeton, New Jersey. I got his autograph and for the life of me have no idea where it is.
  • I used to go to a bar/restaurant in Delran, NJ that former Philadelphia Flyer and Hall of Famer Bobby Clark frequented as well.
  • I saw Magic Johnson and his posse jump out of a limo in Oakland,CA a few hours before the Raiders-Jets playoff game back in 2002.
  • Minutes after seeing Magic Johnson, saw former Raider coach Tom Flores hanging out in the Hyatt Hotel lobby.
How about you? Let us know who you are friends with, have met, or seen outside of a stadium or arena.