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UFC 142 Aldo vs. Mendes - where to play fantasy MMA

picture from UFC 121- good times
picture from UFC 121- good times

Hi I'm Chris Hansen, why don't you have a seat? Go ahead and take a seat. Take a seat right over there. Do you enjoy combat sports and do you like listening to indie rock bands and niche techno music? Are you offended that I use the genre "techno" still in 2012? Congratulations, you may be interested in UFC 142 Aldo vs. Mendes, while the rest of the world is watching NFL 114 BRADY VS. TEBOW.

Here's a quick run-down of where you can make your fantasy picks known. Whether you enjoy playing against the masses or going head to head with a fellow UFC diehard.

Play Against the Masses

Sherdog Pick ‘Em (new!) - The great folks at Sherdog are bringing a fantasy game to the table. Play against fellow white belts, double yellow belts, and guys with 805,340 posts on

MMA Playground - a popular destination for fans of SB Nation MMA blogs. Also it has a fun fantasy betting game.

Head-to-Head Leagues (like traditional fantasy football)

MMA Junkie's UJC and JFC leagues. These guys know their MMA and love Bas Rutten reading their Junkie poll results on Inside MMA.

MMA Weekly's UFF and MMAF leagues. More great leagues with a great UFC forum community.

Check back throughout the weekend for more coverage of UFC 142 Aldo vs. Mendes. Because you drafed Lebron James on your fantasy NBA team and his FT% is killing your team.