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Fantasy Baseball Links

Yankees agree to minor-league deal with former Boston Red Sox reliever Hideki Okajima - NY Daily News
The Yankees have agreed to a minor-league contract with former Red Sox reliever Hideki Okajima, GM Brian Cashman said Wednesday. Okajima could compete for a spot in the Yankee bullpen.

Will Josh Vitters finally break out in 2012?
Cubs prospect Josh Vitters has been an enigma, showing nice tools but next to plate discipline. Could 2012 be the year he figures it out?

Baseball Prospectus | Transaction Analysis: A Petco Precursor?
There are no questions about it. Quentin brings power and hit-by-pitches by the truckload. His 71 home runs over the last three seasons are the 31st-most in the game, and more than glamorous free-agent outfielder signings Josh Willingham and Michael Cuddyer. Meanwhile, no batter is more accustomed to being struck by pitches over that duration than Quentin. Only Chase Utley, with two fewer beanings in nearly 250 more plate appearances, is within 15 plunkings of Quentin.

Season's final day sees Rays' comeback, Cards' rise come to fruition | News
The last day of the 2011 season saw a pair of compelling stories come to fruition. The Cardinals finished their improbable rise to the playoffs, while the Rays' collapse felt its final innings.

MLB Rumors - A's interested in Soler
Jorge Soler joined Yoenis Cespedes on the free agent market, and the Philadelphia Phillies are interested, as are the Washington Nationals, reported Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post in November.

2011 Fantasy Baseball Awards | RotoRob
The votes have been tabulated and now it's time to unveil the winners of the coveted 2011 RotoRob Baseball Awards!

The Fantasy Sports Guy: 2012 Prospects (#51 to #75) Rich Wilson
2012 Prospects (#51 to #75)

Oakland A's: A New Stadium In San Jose - Baseball Nation
MLB will reportedly unwrap the A's gift in February, but A's fans can celebrate now; their long-rumored move to San Jose is about to become a reality.