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Offseason AL-Only Keeper League Trades

I mentioned previously, here, that I joined an AL-Only keeper league last week, and I have kept busy, as I am dealing most of my retainable players for prospects and minor league draft picks, as my intention when taking over the team was to rebuild.

Here are a few other trades I have made in the last few days:

Trade #2

Traded an $11 S1 Matt Capps and $23 S0 Howie Kendrick for Miguel Sano and the 4th pick in the minor league draft

Trade #3

Traded $10 S0 Austin Jackson for Nick Castellanos

Now Sano and Castellanos aren't close to the big leagues, but are Top 100 prospects who could help my team in 2-3 years. I am willing to wait, as I think both will either provide solid power numbers when they eventually make the big leagues or will be valuable trade chips should I be in the money in the next year or two.

So, how did I do in these two deals? Do you like one over the other?