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Fantasy Football 2011: Week 1 DEF/ST Rankings

The Patriots should be very stout this week as a fantasy defense.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
The Patriots should be very stout this week as a fantasy defense. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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There are some great match ups to take advantage of in Week 1. But there are some others where great or very good defenses are taking on offensive juggernauts, so it would be wise to stay away for this week. This is a week where you definitely want to play the match ups. Check the rankings following the jump. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Defenses to start: New York Jets -They are a very aggressive defense because of their strong secondary. Dallas may look like trouble but the Cowboys came out very weak in the opener last year. Tony Romo makes mistakes and this is a defense that will make him pay.

San Diego Chargers - The Chargers defense is helped by their outstanding teammates on offense. In this one, the Chargers should jump out to an early lead, which will lead to some big plays by the defense. They can get to the quarterback and McNabb was sacked 37 times last year.

Kansas City Chiefs - Great matchup for the Chiefs, with Buffalo visiting. Romeo Crennel has really improved the defense and he always has the defense ready for their opponent. Buffalo has not really improved on offense and they might have even gone backwards with the loss of Lee Evans. They held Buffalo to 10 points in their meeting last year. I can also see the Chiefs returning a kick on special teams for a touchdown.

Defenses to bench: Minnesota Vikings - As mentioned above, the Vikings travel to San Diego. Their defense is really thin in the secondary, not something you want against a great passing team. Kevin Williams is suspended and that means the line will be weakened too.

Miami Dolphins - New England is paying them a visit and this is one visitor the Dolphins do not want. In two match ups last year, Miami gave up 79 points total. Miami has talent on defense but this would not be a game you would use them.

Team Opp.
1. New England MIA
2. New York Giants WAS
3. San Diego Chargers MIN
4. Pittsburgh Steelers BAL
5. San Francisco 49ers SEA
6. Atlanta Falcons CHI
7. Cleveland Browns CIN
8. New York Jets DAL
9. Arizona Cardinals CAR
10. Kansas City Chiefs BUF
11. Baltimore Ravens PIT
12. Philadelphia Eagles STL
13. Seattle Seahawks SF
14. St. Louis Rams PHI
15. Detroit Lions TB
16. Dallas Cowboys NYJ
17. Chicago Bears ATL
18. Tennessee Titans JAX
19. Denver Broncos OAK
20. Houston Texans IND
21. Cincinnati Bengals CLE
22. Green Bay Packers NO
23. Oakland Raiders DEN
24. Washington Redskins NYG
25. New Orleans Saints GB
26. Carolina Panthers ARZ
27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers DET
28. Buffalo Bills KC
29. Jacksonville Jaguars TEN
30. Minnesota Vikings SD
31. Miami Dolphins NE
32. Indianapolis Colts HOU