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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Baseball Links

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Here are your fantasy baseball links for today, September 8:

Sizemore and Paredes: Available 2B Qualified Help | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

If you believe in going with the current hot hitter, Sizemore is your man. In the last 7 games, he has a 0.294/0.400/0.647 slash line. The improvement is not from an inflated BABIP (0.231), but instead from cutting his K% down from around 25% to 10%.

2012 Projection: Buster Posey | Fantasy Baseball 365

[Posey's] home run numbers may fluctuate around 17-20 per year, but his biggest asset is his ability to hit for AVG and get on base. He'll limit his strikeouts, draw a good amount of walks, make solid contact, limit his chase rate and hit a good amount of line drives and hard ground balls. Mix all of that together with a sweet swing and you've got a recipe for fantasy gold, especially if his stock falls due to the knee injury.

Updated AL Starting Pitcher Rankings – September | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Apparently Justin Verlander just hasn't been awesome enough this year.

NL Starting Pitcher Ranks | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Moscoso and Porcello: AL Two-Start Waiver Wire | Roto Hardball

[Moscoso's] xFIP stands at 5.19 due to suspicion of a 5.9% HR/FB rate for a guy who is an extreme-extreme flyball pitcher (56.4%!). In fact, Moscoso leads all of baseball in fly ball percentage, and leads by a pretty great margin. He also is carrying a .241 BABIP, which is good for second lowest in baseball - hanging out with guys named Josh Beckett and Justin Verlander. Somewhere along the way, the BABIP will begin to normalize and if it happens in unison with a HR/FB rate regression, sparks could fly.

Trolling the Wire: Week 23 | Baseball By Paul

Keeper Considerations: Third Basemen | Roto Hardball

Injury Report: September 8: Chase Utley, Mike Stanton, Adam Lind & More | Rotoprofessor

Prospect of the Day: Brad Peacock, RHP, Washington Nationals | Minor League Ball

Peacock has always had a very live arm, working at 92-94 MPH and hitting 95-97 on his best days. The keys to his improvement have been better command of a wicked knucklecurve, and development of a better changeup. The changeup still needs work, and his overall command (as shown by the walk spike in Triple-A) still needs refinement. Many scouts see him as a future reliever and possible closer. However, with two plus pitches, if he can develop the changeup into an even average pitch, he could be a very good starting pitcher.

Prospect Press: Eric Surkamp, San Francisco Giants |

From a fantasy baseball perspective, it's probably too early to draw any big conclusions on Surkamp. His efficient and control-oriented arsenal might not lead to as many big league strikeouts as he had as a farmhand, which would put him on the fantasy fringe. Right now, he's serving as the Giants fifth starter, but his role there is completely contingent upon the progress that incumbent starter Jonathan Sanchez is making in his recovery from a sprained ankle.

Prospect Rankings: Middle Infield | Sons of Roto
I think I'd put Machado and Profar in a tier of their own.

Fantasy Baseball Player Prospecting: Jerry Sands, Anthony Rizzo, more |
The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres promoted two future cornerstones and plan to test them a bit as 2011 draws to a close.

Minor League Playoffs Overview: Top Prospects, Matchups & More | Baseball America
Prospects to watch in the minor league playoffs.