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Fantasy Football 2011: Week 1 Quarterback Rankings

What a crazy week it has already been! First, the rumor that Peyton Manning may need to have another surgery. (who knows he still might). It really wasn't that big news because it was already looking like he wasn't going to play in Week 1. Next, Jacksonville pulls a vintage 2007 Jacksonville move and cuts their starter (David Garrard) during the week leading up to their first game. Then we have had smaller side notes of Matt Cassel perhaps sitting out the first game because of a rib injury and Rex Grossman being named the starter for Washington. So, let's get to some rankings. For quick rankings, there is a table at the bottom.

1. Michael Vick - Philadelphia Eagles @ STL

We were all able to see what a healthy Vick was able to do last season at the beginning of the season against Green Bay. I would expect another big game to open the season here in St. Louis. He has become a complete quarterback.

2. Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers vs. NO

Rodgers would be the top quarterback in the rankings, if not for Vick's rushing value. He has so many weapons to target and can run a little too. The high of playing at home as Champions on prime time Thursday night should not affect this calm, collected quarterback.

3. Philip Rivers - San Diego Chargers vs. MIN

Rivers has become the focal point of the offense and the Vikings are susceptible to the pass. He has Jackson and Gates on the field at the same time. The Chargers running game is going to take some time to develop.

4. Tom Brady - New England Patriots @ MIA

The Patriots will be looking to set the tone for their season as they travel to Miami. Brady had a good game in the finale against the Dolphins last year. He threw a touchdown in every New England game last year.

5. Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints @ GB

Brees faces a stiffer challenge than the other top quarterbacks. Green Bay still has their tough defense and good defensive backs. He should be able to put up good numbers but don't expect an over the top fantasy night.

6. Matt Schaub - Houston Texans vs. IND

He did not have much success passing the ball against Indy last year. One reason was the great running of Arian Foster and that reduced the need to throw the ball. Schaub will be relied on more in this game with Foster banged up.

7. Josh Freeman - Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. DET

Freeman and the young receivers of Tampa really broke out last year. Detroit is still weak in the secondary and the Bucs will target that. The Detroit line may cause Freeman to scramble for yardage.

8. Ben Roethlisberger - Pittsburgh Steelers @ BAL

The Steelers have been developing some young receivers and that gives Big Ben more options. Baltimore is always a tough defense to crack but he did throw two touchdowns in their last meeting. The Ravens may put the ball in his hands by shutting down the running game.

9. Tony Romo - Dallas Cowboys@ NYJ

Romo is healthy and back to lead the Cowboys. This matchup is tough against a Jets defense on Sunday night in an emotionally charged atmosphere. His opener on Sunday night last season was decent (282 yards, 1 TD).

10. Eli Manning - New York Giants @ WAS

The only Manning that will be starting on opening Sunday which is a little weird. He didn't have much success last year against the Skins but he was without his best receivers in both matchups. It will be a good start for Eli.

11. Matthew Stafford - Detroit Lions @ TB

Stafford just needs to stay in the game. He put up great numbers in limited action in 2010. This game could turn into a shootout.

12. Matt Ryan - Atlanta Falcons @ CHI

The Falcons look to be leaning more towards the passing game. They have given Ryan a new weapon in Julio Jones and he is talented. I don't think he'll go over 300 yards but should pass for a few touchdowns.

13. Kyle Orton - Denver Broncos vs. OAK

Orton now has the starting job all to himself. Of course, the Broncos will be more balanced offensively this year, which means less passing. I think he'll pass for about 250 yards and a couple touchdowns.

14. Mark Sanchez - New York Jets vs. DAL

He will be facing a depleted Dallas secondary to open the season. The Jets have given him some new targets in Burress and Mason. And Sanchez can lean on the running game to carry some of the load.

15. Matt Cassel - Kansas City Chiefsvs. BUF

Cassel says he is ready to go despite his rib injury. Watch his status for Sunday. The Bills defense is terrible but KC may decide to just run the ball all game.

16. Kevin Kolb - Arizona Cardinals vs. CAR

The Cardinals should do much better with Kolb behind center. He knows that throwing to Fitz is his bread and butter. Look for a nice week 1 against Carolina.

17. Jay Cutler - Chicago Bearsvs. ATL

Cutler will be entering his second year in Mike Martz offense. He should be able to make better decisions in year two. Hopefully the Chicago line holds up and gives him more time.

18. Joe Flacco - Baltimore Ravens vs. PIT

The Ravens should be able to exploit the Pittsburgh secondary deep. He now has Lee Evans joining Anquan Boldin. I expect about 240 yards and 2 touchdowns.

19. Sam Bradford - St. Louis Rams vs. PHI

Bradford has a tough matchup against the strong Philly defense. It will be interesting to see how he leads the team in this game. Not a very good start this week.

20. Ryan Fitzpatrick - Buffalo Bills @ KC

It will be interesting to see how the Bills perform on offense. Fitzpatrick still has Stevie Johnson to throw to but not much else. He should get 220 yards and a TD.

21. Kerry Collins - Indianapolis Colts @ HOU

Good thing that Collins is a veteran because this is not an easy offense to run. There will obviously be a drop off from Manning but he does have some nice targets to work with. A situation to watch.

22. Rex Grossman - Washington Redskins vs. NYG

Another chance for Rex to show what he can do. He hasn't looked terrible in pre-season but that was pre-season. This will tell us a lot about how long the job will be his.

23. Donovan McNabb - Minnesota Vikings @ SD

McNabb gets to start for another team for the second year in a row. He doesn't have too much to work with as regards to receivers. The Vikings will lean heavily on the running game.

24. Matt Hasselbeck - Tennessee Titans@ JAX

The Titans will turn to Hasselbeck to start the season. He has a few good receivers like Britt and Cook. Another team that will be heavy on the run.

25. Alex Smith - San Francisco 49ers vs. SEA

Smith will manage the offense for the 49ers. He had one good game against Seattle last year (255 yards, 3 TD). Hopefully you have better options.

26. Colt McCoy - Cleveland Brownsvs. CIN

I think McCoy could be higher on this list. In one start against the Bengals, he had 243 yards and 2 TD. Colt needs better weapons.

27. Luke McCown - Jacksonville Jaguars vs. TEN

McCown is being thrown into the action this week. The matchup isn't the toughest. He is just temporarily holding down the starting job.

28. Chad Henne - Miami Dolphins vs. NE

It will not be easy for Henne opening against the Pats. At least, he has options in Marshall, Bess and Bush. He needs someone who can stretch the field.

29. Jason Campbell - Oakland Raiders @ DEN

Campbell should do okay against Denver. But this is a run heavy offense. Keep an eye on the young developing receivers.

30. Tarvaris Jackson - Seattle Seahawks @ SF

The Seahawks passing offense has struggled. Jackson may not hold onto this job for long. He does have some great targets to connect with.

31. Cam Newton - Carolina Panthers @ ARZ

Newton is a very intriguing prospect. Carolina still does not have many good receiving options. His running ability is worth watching.

32. Andy Dalton - Cincinnati Bengals@ CLE

The future at quarterback for the Bengals is not worth a start. His receivers are very young. I don't think Carson Palmer would be able to have much success with this bunch.

Quarterback Team Opp.
1. Michael Vick PHI STL
2. Aaron Rodgers GB NO
3. Philip Rivers SD MIN
4. Tom Brady NE MIA
5. Drew Brees NO GB
6. Matt Schaub HOU IND
7. Josh Freeman TB DET
8. Ben Roethlisberger PIT BAL
9. Tony Romo DAL NYJ
10. Eli Manning NYG WAS
11. Matthew Stafford DET TB
12. Matt Ryan ATL CHI
13. Kyle Orton DEN OAK
14. Mark Sanchez NYJ DAL
15. Matt Cassel KC BUF
16. Kevin Kolb ARZ CAR
17. Jay Cutler CHI ATL
18. Joe Flacco BAL PIT
19. Sam Bradford STL PHI
20. Ryan Fitzpatrick BUF KC
21. Kerry Collins IND HOU
22. Rex Grossman WAS NYG
23. Donovan McNabb MIN SD
24. Matt Hasselbeck TEN JAX
25. Alex Smith SF SEA
26. Colt McCoy CLE CIN
27. Luke McCown JAX TEN
28. Chad Henne MIA NE
29. Jason Campbell OAK DEN
30. Tarvaris Jackson SEA SF
31. Cam Newton CAR ARZ
32. Andy Dalton CIN CLE