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Fantasy Baseball: Closer Report for Week 23


News and Notes from Around the Bullpen

  • Carlos Marmol coughed up the save opportunity on Saturday in stunning fashion, walking 3, and allowing 2 hits (1 of which was a grand slam). He did manage to get 2 strikeouts in his inning of work, but I can't imagine owners were even remotely happy with this performance against the Pirates.
  • David Robertson was called on to get the save on Saturday for the Yankees after Mariano Rivera and Rafael Soriano both were unavailable for the game that day. 
  • Sean Marshall was called on to get the save for the Cubs in Sunday's game, after said meltdown by Marmol on Saturday. I am guessing at this point that it will probably remain a split for at least the next week.
  • Rafael Betancourt got both save opportunities last week, with Street still pitching in either the 7th or the 8th inning. 
  • Kenley Jansen was called on to record a save in Thursday's game, but Javy Guerra had pitched the previous 2 days. Guerra recorded 4 saves this week in total, so I'm feeling pretty good that it is his job for the rest of the season.
  • Bobby Parnell recorded 3 saves this week, and a blown save as well. The key was that Jason Isringhausen was not used in a save opportunity all week. He is probably safely droppable in most leagues at this point.
  • There were no save opportunities in the Giants' bullpen this week, so it still appears that Santiago Casilla is the most likely option for saves in that bullpen.
  • Ryan Madson all 4 of his save opportunities this week, and looks locked in as the closer.


Closer Rankings from Today Forward [Change from Last Week]

  1. Craig Kimbrel (Braves
  2. Mariano Rivera (Yankees
  3. Joel Hanrahan (Pirates
  4. Jonathan Papelbon (Red Sox
  5. Heath Bell (Padres
  6. Jose Valverde (Tigers
  7. Neftali Feliz (Rangers
  8. John Axford (Brewers
  9. Leo Nunez (Marlins)  
  10. Joakim Soria (Royals
  11. Drew Storen (Nationals
  12. Andrew Bailey (Athletics) [+1]
  13. Francisco Cordero (Reds) [+1]
  14. Brandon League (Mariners) [+1]
  15. J.J. Putz (Diamondbacks) [+1]
  16. Joe Nathan (Twins) [+1]
  17. Ryan Madson (Phillies) [+8]
  18. Carlos Marmol (Cubs) [-7]
  19. Chris Perez (Indians) [-1]
  20. Sergio Santos (White Sox) [-1] 
  21. Kyle Farnsworth (Rays) [-1]
  22. Jordan Walden (Angels) [-1]
  23. Fernando Salas (Cardinals) [-1]
  24. Bobby Parnell (Mets)[-1]
  25. Javy Guerra (Dodgers) [-1]
  26. Frank Francisco (Blue Jays
  27. Rafael Betancourt (Rockies
  28. Kevin Gregg (Orioles
  29. Mark Melancon (Astros
  30. Santiago Casilla (Giants)