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Name Change for Humbled Fan

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Hello Everybody

While I am still humble fan of my Seattle sports teams, I have decided to name-i-cize myself and so when people read something of mine then they can say "Hey good work Kenneth!" or "Hey, you're a moron Kenneth!" or "Did you read that stupid thing by Kenneth Arthur?" instead of saying "Humbled Fan" and people going "what the heck is a humbled fan?"

Now people will no longer come up to me in the streets and say "Hey, you're Humbled Fan on Faketeams.  Why did you're mom name you Humbled?  That's an odd name.  I guess its not that much different than Humberto though.  I'm sorry for so quickly judging you."

Instead they will come up to me and say "Excuse me, are you almost done with the Red Box?  I'd like to rent The Expendables some time this century."   Because of course I am not famous and not yet had anyone come up to me and asked if I was Humbled Fan. 

However, now you know me by a real name.  And you can follow my name on twitter @casetines