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Fantasy Hockey 2011: FHS Alpha League Auction Draft Results

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So if memory serves me correctly, I think I did an auction draft last night. Sorry, I didn't get much sleep last night so my memory is a bit fuzzy. I signed up for the Fantasy Hockey Scouts Alpha League on Yahoo (it's public so you can see it here) and it's a 12 team, 20 position, $250 budget draft with the stats of Goals, Assists, +/-, Penalty Minutes, Power Play Points, Shots On Goal, Hits, Blocked Shots for skaters and Wins, Goals Against Average, Saves, Save Percentage for goalies. It's a weekly, Head To Head league so I had to take that into consideration when I approached the auction.

My strategy, auction results and general impressions are after the jump...

My strategy:

After doing a few mock auction drafts (with actual people showing, believe it or not), I felt most comfortable spreading my wealth on a few 2nd tier guys than spending big bucks on elite players in a couple of positions. Considering this was a weekly league, it was best to invest heavier in my starting lineup than in daily leagues. The only spot I knew I was going to spend is getting a mid-level G1 and maybe get a mid to low end G2 who would start the majority of the time (health permitting, of course) and have no threat of someone breathing down their neck for playing time. Defensemen were not going to be a priority until I fulfilled most, if not all, of my forward slots or if I saw a bargain along the way.

The auction:

It was going to be interesting on how this was going to go and since it was my first hockey draft of the season, I was especially anxious to get the ball rolling. I'm not going to go over every pick in the draft but if you wish to see how it went down, go here. Anyhoo, here's my team by roster position and my winning bid:

C - Eric Staal $29

C - Jonathan Toews 28

LW - Zach Parise 33

LW - Rick Nash (LW,RW) 27

RW - Dany Heatley 20

RW - Marian Hossa 16

D - Ryan Whitney 4

D - Mark Giordano 8

D - Kevin Shattenkirk 6

D - John-Michael Liles 3

Util - Teemu Selanne 12

G - Tomas Vokoun 29

G - Kari Lehtonen 8

BN - Andy McDonald (C,LW) 3

BN - Ville Leino 4

BN - Patrik Elias 4

BN - Michael Grabner 6

BN - Patrice Bergeron 1

BN - Joni Pitkanen 3

BN - Ondrej Pavelec 5

I was very surprised at getting Ryan Whitney for just $4. I was expecting about $6-10 but it fell quiet as soon as I put my bid in. Sure, he isn't ready yet but I can't imagine he would miss more than a few games to get him back up to speed. My defensemen are solid, not great or elite, but then again, that was the plan. I wasn't going to invest in guys who don't produce offensive stats as well as forwards. It's not their natural ability since, you know, they're called defensemen. They defend. 

I likely overspent on Hossa but I actually like him despite his frequent health issues and he was the last RW I liked that was left before it started getting steep in the production drop. Besides, having Rick Nash and his dual wing eligibility is nice since I can switch things around and plug either Leino, McDonald, Elias or Selanne if the injury bug does bite Hossa.

I like that I got Vokoun for 29 bucks considering there were goalies who were going in the 40's before him and Tim Thomas were nominated. No one's going to challenge Lehtonen or Pavelec for playing time so I was staying within the plan.

I was surprised things went as well as they did. I didn't get a few players I wanted but in the end, it worked out great since if I had at least two of the guys that I wanted at the price they went, I wouldn't have nearly had as good of a bench as I have now. Getting 5-6 starters who can pot at least 30 goals and about 60 points with a couple of those guys having the capacity to push 40 really helps my goals stats on a weekly basis. Sadly, I didn't push Penalty Minutes too much so I may have to fix that by a trade.

Notes of the auction:

Holy cow, it took almost 4 hours to finish the auction. Last time I spent that much time in any kind of draft was in a 20 team, 30 position fantasy baseball draft. And my wife was going to rip my head off wasn't happy with me.

Sidney Crosby was auctioned off at $41. Two words: holy dang. It sounds like he may have join contact drills soon but there's no way I can justify that price. None. Again, he's an elite player without question but concussions are very tricky.

Tim Thomas went at $22. Interesting since I haven't heard much about Tuukka Rask taking up much of Thomas' time but it guess it made that much of an impact on his price. Didn't bite since the guy I really wanted was nominated shortly after Thomas was taken.

Patrick Marleau went at $20. Thought about biting on this one but I didn't and I can't help but think I should have. Just an intuition that passing on Marleau is going to bite me in the rear eventually.

Martin Brodeur went at $14. This may become the steal of the draft if he returns to some semblance of his former glory. He was hot at the end of last season so I wouldn't put it past him. At the very least, the winner got a good price at a good goaltender.

Danny Briere went at $10. I must have been sleeping at the wheel since I should have bid on him if was going to go that cheap and I needed a RW2 on my team. Seriously kicking myself here...oh well.

Derek Roy went at $9. Pretty darn cheap for a guy who will play at the top line at Buffalo. A guy I liked but thankfully I didn't get since it helped my bench a bit.

Mikko Koivu went at $13. This one hurt bad. I waited and waited for a bench C and he was the perfect candidate but as the price kept creeping up and I saw how many slots I had to fill in my bench, I had to pass. *sniff*

That being said, what do you think? How did I do in the auction? Do you have any stories or lessons to pass on to others out there regarding Fantasy Hockey drafts? Let me know in the comments. If you're bored, give me a jingle on Twitter at @MattPTurner and be sure to follow Fake Teams on Twitter at @FakeTeams.