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Fantasy Football 2011: Fake Teams Week 3 Rankings, Start'Em/Sit'Em, Waiver Wire and Other Stuff

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Here are links to all of our Week 3 fantasy football rankings, Start'em/Sit'em, Waiver Wire and other fantasy football articles for those of you who may have missed our articles throughout the week:

Week 3 Rankings

Fantasy Football 2011: Week 3 Quarterback Rankings - FakeTeams
Choosing your fantasy football quarterback for Week 3? Check out the fantasy football rankings at Fake Teams.

Fantasy Football 2011: Week 3 Running Back Rankings - FakeTeams
Fake Teams has your Week 3 Running Back Rankings

Fantasy Football 2011: Week 3 Wide Receiver Rankings - FakeTeams
Need Week 3 WR Ranks? Fake Teams has the best analysis and ranks on the web.

More links to our rankings, waiver wire, Start'em/Sit'em and other fantasy football articles after the jump:

Fantasy Football 2011: Week 3 IDP Rankings - FakeTeams
Don't set your IDP lineups without checking Week 3 IDP Rankings

Fantasy Football 2011: Week 3 Tight End Rankings - FakeTeams
Best rankings on the net. Fake Teams has Week 3 TE's for you.

Fantasy Football 2011: Week 3 DEF/ST Rankings - FakeTeams
Check out this ranking of the 32 Team Defense/ST for Week 3. Fake Teams is your source for fantasy sports.

Fantasy Football 2011: Week 3 Kicker Rankings - FakeTeams
Here's a list of the 32 NFL kickers to help you choose who to start for Week 3 in fantasy football. Let the staff at Fake Teams help you win it all.

Fantasy Football Week 3: Sleepers, Previews and the Truth - FakeTeams
A preview of week 3 in the NFL for fantasy owners. You want to win your league dont you?


2011 Fantasy Football Week 3: Start'Em/Sit'Em - FakeTeams
Are you having trouble deciding who to start and who to sit this week? Check out Fake Teams Week 3 Start'Em/Sit'Em for some advice.

Waiver Wire

Fantasy Football 2011: Waiver Wire Scoops - FakeTeams
Fake Teams brings you your Week 3 Waiver Wire Scoops.

Fantasy Football 2011: IDP Waiver Wire - FakeTeams
It's Week 3 and Fake Teams hits the waiver wire for IDP fantasy owners.

Week 2 Game Summaries

Fantasy Football 2011: A FULL Review of Week 2 (Even MORE Extensive) - FakeTeams
A long review of week 2 of the NFL for fantasy purposes. This is the only place to read about fantasy sports on SBN.

Defensive Matchups

Fantasy Football: How Defensive Matchups are Shaping Up After Week 2 - FakeTeams
Defensive matchups are almost as important in fantasy as the talent of your skill players. Which improved defenses are really something you should consider?

Fantasy Football 2011: Bad Defenses and Matchups - FakeTeams
A look at defenses in the NFL that have been beat up. Can you exploit these matchups all year long?