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Fantasy Football 2011: Week 3 Tight End Rankings

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Fantasy's new #1 TE?
Fantasy's new #1 TE?

After two interesting weeks, can you believe 5 Tight Ends are in the top 25 in the NFL in Receiving Yards? And their names do not rhyme with Mermichel Minley or Mantonio Mates? Yes, my top 2 Tight Ends from the Preseason still have yet to score or even make a big impact on their team's box scores. However, the grass is greener. Antonio Gates, despite a hobbling foot, has the pathetic Chiefs on tap in week 2 while Jermichel Finley was more involved in the passing game against Carolina. Both should be top-5 Tight Ends going forward. Gates' foot isn't the only news regarding injury impacting fantasy rosters: New England's Aaron Hernandez is out with an MCL Sprain and may miss anywhere from 1-6 weeks, making Rob Gronkowski the # 1 Tight End in Fantasy.

Can you guess the 5 Tight Ends in the top 25 in Receiving Yards? And can you believe one Tight End is tied for 2nd in the entire NFL in touchdowns, and that he plays in Buffalo? If your roster contained Jason Witten, Fred Davis, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Dustin Keller and Scott Chandler for the first 2 weeks, you're likely sitting pretty. For those Hernandez owners, hopefully you have a good backup while he's out.

Let's see if the TE Ranks changed much for week 3...

All hail Fred Davis! Thanks for making me look brilliant! Davis has replaced Chris Cooley as the #1 TE in Washington and responded by going 6-86-1 against Arizona in Week 2. He'll continue to be a force in that offense. Owen Daniels scored a touchdown but only had 3 catches, yet I consider it a score for me. He's the #2 option in the passing game in Houston.

I hated Dallas Clark and Zach Miller in Week 2 and will continue to hate them for the remainder of the season despite Clark scoring a garbage time touchdown against Cleveland. With Manning at the helm, Clark would have gone for over 100 yards. Zach Miller had one stinking catch. One. Catch. At least he's got millions. Enjoy the fantasy wasteland that is Seattle. I'm done ranking him until I see otherwise.

Players I Like More Than You Do:

Mothaf'n Fred Davis - Love this guy's athleticism. Love how Grossman loves him. Love how Cooley has come out and conceded the job to him. Love Davis, the 6th ranked TE in Fantasy Standard Leagues so far.

Rob Gronkowski - Red zone monster leads all TE's in Fantasy Points and was this close to being my #1 TE this week. With Hernandez out, look for Gronk to steal those looks.

Players I Don't Like More Than You Do:

Dallas Clark - Show me more than a garbage time touchdown against the Browns, and I'll vault you to the top-12. Until then you're going to keep dropping. What a shame.

Mercedes Lewis - I've seen him ranked in the top 15 on other fantasy boards, but I can't place him in the top 20 until results translate onto the field. With a rookie QB taking over in Jacksonville, I'll pass.

Rankings are below, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with the list. You can follow me on Twitter or ask any questions there.

For all other rankings, head on over to our friends at Fantasy Rundown.

Player Team Opponent
1. Jason Witten Cowboys Redskins
2. Rob Gronkowski Patriots Bills
3. Antonio Gates Chargers Chiefs
4. Jermichel Finley Packers Bears
5. Jimmy Graham Saints Texans
6. Fred Davis Redskins Cowboys
7. Owen Daniels Saints Texans
8. Vernon Davis 49ers Bengals
9. Dustin Keller Jets Raiders
10. Kellen Winslow Buccaneers Falcons
11. Greg Olsen Panthers Jaguars
12. Jermaine Gresham Bengals 49ers
13. Tony Gonzalez Falcons Buccaneers
14. Dallas Clark Colts Steelers
15. Ed Dickson Ravens Rams
16. Lance Kendricks Rams Ravens

17. Brandon Pettigrew (might not play - injury)

Lions Vikings
18. Scott Chandler Bills Patriots
19. Jared Cook Titans Broncos
20. Evan Moore Browns Dolphins