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Fantasy Football 2011: Week 2 Tight End Rankings

Why didn't you do more of this in Week 1?
Why didn't you do more of this in Week 1?

Well, Week 1 was certainly interesting for Tight Ends. 12 Tight Ends scored touchdowns, with one TE that was not even in his own fantasy lineup scoring twice (Scott Chandler). However we can infer a few things from week one...

1. Chris Cooley is not 100% healthy and may not be all season.

2. It is indeed possible to have two fantasy-relevant TE from the same team. Case in point: New England's Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. They'll continue to create mis-matches all year long for their opponents.

3. Jason Witten is still a PPR Monster.

4. Zach Miller is in trouble if Tarvaris Jackson remains his QB all year long.

5. Don't put too much stock on preseason hype. I know it was one game, but Jared Cook was invisible and Lance Kendricks dropped an easy pass that would have ended up a surefire touchdown.

Week 2 Ranks after the jump.

Brief review of my players I loved/hated in week one: Mentioned above, Jared Cook & Lance Kendricks are as athletic and talented as almost any Tight End in the NFL, but their inexperience showed in the first game, particularly Kendricks with a couple of drops. It seems I was too anxious on both players. Hopefully they go up from here. My lone hate was Dallas Clark since his QB is Kerry Collins. He had 4 catches for 39 yards in his first game without Peyton Manning. It wasn't that awful in PPR leagues, but when you drafted Clark high in standard leagues, you expect more than 3 or 4 points per game. I will not be high on Clark until I see Collins trust a receiver not named Reggie Wayne.

Players I Like More Than You Do:

Fred Davis, Washington - Davis is taking advantage of Chris Cooley's injured knee as he played almost twice the snaps as the incumbent starter did and went off for 5 receptions and 105 yards as a result. Expect similar results against Arizona's joke of a secondary as the Skins plan on running numerous two-TE packages.

Owen Daniels, Houston - Daniels simply was not needed very often against the Colts since the Taxans abused the porous Indy Rush D. Against a leaky Miami secondary that was torched by Tom Brady, expect a lot of Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels, especially with # 2 WR Kevin Walter out.

Players I Don't Like More Than You Do:

Zach Miller, Seattle - Tarvaris Jackson. That is all.

Dallas Clark, Indianapolis - Until Collins sees what Manning saw in Clark, I'm not ranking him in the top 10.

Don't Panic on: Jermichel Finley, Owen Daniels

Some Panic is Acceptable: Zach Miller, Dallas Clark

Go All In on: New England TE's, Jimmy Graham

Fold: Chris Cooley, Brent Celek

Rankings are below, and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns with the list. You can follow me on Twitter or ask any questions there.

For all other rankings, head on over to our friends at Fantasy Rundown.

Player Team Opponent
1. Antonio Gates San Diego New England
2. Jermichel Finley Green Bay Carolina
3. Vernon Davis San Francisco Dallas
4. Owen Daniels Houston Miami
5. Jason Witten Dallas San Francisco
6. Jimmy Graham New Orleans Chicago
7. Aaron Hernandez New England San Diego
8. Fred Davis Washington Arizona
9. Rob Gronkowski New England San Diego
10. Kellen Winslow Tampa Bay Minnesota
11. Dallas Clark Indianapolis Cleveland
12. Dustin Keller NY Jets Jacksonville
13. Brandon Pettigrew Detroit Kansas City
14. Greg Olsen Carolina Green Bay
15. Jermaine Gresham Cincinnati Denver
16. Lance Kendricks St. Louis NY Giants
17. Jared Cook Tennessee Baltimore
18. Tony Gonzalez Atlanta Philadelphia
19. Ed Dickson Baltimore Tennessee
20. Zach Miller Seattle Pittsburgh