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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Baseball Links

Here are your links for today, September 14:

It's 2011, But Hey, Jerome Williams | Roto Hardball

Control and command were always problematic for [Williams] in the past, but his 2011 sample shows a different pitcher, one who is all about location. For someone with his hard slider and fastball combination, location can cause a lot of damage to opposing hitters.

Moore and Doumit: Waiver Wire | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Doumit is getting the vast majority of the starts for the Pirates as the year draws to a close, and is likely to continue to do so as the team tries to evaluate whether or not to pick up his options for 2012 and 2013. With his yearly major injury behind him, Doumit is a safe pickup going forward and, unless you’re riding Alex Avila, Mike Napoli, or another of the top catchers, there’s a good chance Doumit will be an upgrade for you.

Don't Look Back in Anger: Angel Pagan, Matt Wieters, James McDonald | Razzball

His K-rate is just 10.9% and his swinging strike percentage is quite low as well – he is putting the ball in play and he is hitting the ball hard. He’s been tremendously unlucky. If healthy, Pagan is a huge asset down the stretch, capable of batting well with some light pop and a good amount of steals. I also think he’ll be a bargain for 2012.

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Keeper Strategy — 2012 Impact Rookies: Shortstops | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Injury Report: September 14: Jose Reyes, Troy Tulowitzki, Matt Holliday & More | Rotoprofessor

MLB Injury Updates | Roto Hardball

Prospect of the Day: Chris Schwinden, RHP, New York Mets | Minor League Ball

There is nothing special about his velocity, his fastball is just in the 86-90 range. He mixes in a cutter, curveball, and changeup, relying on sharp command of his secondary pitches to succeed. He has little margin for error and needs a strong defense behind him, but there are pitchers with worse stuff who have made careers for themselves due to superior command, and he's shown the ability to make adjustments to higher level competition.

Prospect Report: Should Fantasy Owners Gamble On Matt Moore For 2011? | Rotoprofessor

Exactly where in that schedule do you trust a rookie pitcher, no matter who it is? Obviously, where and when he starts would help to determine his value. In the last series of the season the Yankees could be resting their regulars. Outside of that, those final four series are loaded with talented offenses. Any pitcher making his Major League debut is a risk. Any pitcher making his Major League debut in the AL East is an even bigger risk.

The Lineup Card: Commissioner for a Day | Baseball Prospectus
This is a fun exercise. As long as we're adjusting blackout rules, why not end MLB's arcane and short-sighted policy re: YouTube?

The BP Broadside: In Which the Commish is Eviscerated | Baseball Prospectus
I'll just leave this here without comment, except to say that this is essential reading.