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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Baseball Links

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Here are your links for today, September 13:

Under The Fantasy Microscope: Ryan Zimmerman | Roto Hardball

His overall numbers will pale next to his 25+ homer, .800+ OPS seasons of 2009 and 2010. Don't be fooled. The Ryan Zimmerman who shot to the top of the third-base hierarchy in 2009 is still here, and he has value in keeper leagues and shouldn't be allowed to slip come 2012 drafts.

Pomeranz makes MLB debut | Baseball Analytics

As a 22-year-old with less than a full season's worth of pitching in the pros, Pomeranz has work to do in terms of honing his control and developing a changeup to keep hitters off his fastball/curveball combo. But, assuming he regains his pre-surgery velocity in the long run, Pomeranz's sneaky delivery and big hook give him a good chance to eventually front Colorado's rotation.

Matt Moore Is Up, But Do You Need Him Right Now? | Roto Hardball

Moore is likely to be better than Davis, but he may not be as soon as 2012. Don't let that stop you from grabbing him or keeping him in leagues where you could use him, but just remember to pay the appropriate price. He's not incredibly likely to impress out of the gate in 2012, given his division and the opponents he will have to face, but his time will come. Just look at David Price the last two years as compared to his first one if you want proof of that.

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Davis & Montero: Waiver Wire | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

[Montero's] first two career homeruns came off Orioles righty Jim Johnson, who’d allowed just one homer to a RHB all season before Montero got him twice in the span of four innings. He also took Jered Weaver deep a few days ago. Yankee Stadium is a good fit for his opposite field power (both homers off Johnson were oppo shots), and that lineup will give him plenty of runs scored and RBI opportunities. Plus … catcher eligibility!

Forget Me/Forget Me Not: Shelley Duncan & Dee Gordon | Rotoprofessor

Where there’s an issue is [Duncan's] fly ball rate, currently sitting at 68.4% and his HR/FB of 38.5% for September. Granted, it’s a small sample size, and that’s exactly the point. You don’t want to make decisions for the final two and a half weeks over one potentially fleeting hot streak. Could he stay scorching hot and continue to send the ball flying over the fences? He definitely could, but given the other numbers he could also go ice cold and destroy your batting average.

Buchholz and Liriano: DL WW | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

If he makes one start, an owner may look to see where his fastball stands. If it is averaging less than 92 MPH, you make look at other options. If there is any report from the minors of his speed, I would subtract 2 MPH from it. Usually only the top speed is reported, so the average will be less. Liriano may or may not be heading back to the Twins. I would not consider him a top SP candidate, but he could be one of the few options left this late in the season.

Trolling the Wire: Week 24 Tuesday-Friday | Baseball By Paul

Injury Report: September 13: Chase Utley, Logan Morrison, Adam Jones & More | Rotoprofessor

Prospect of the Day: Matt Dominguez, 3B, Florida Marlins | Minor League Ball

Dominguez looks the part of a power hitter physically. He makes an effort to control the strike zone and isn't excessively prone to whiffing, but he can be busted inside with fastballs, or made to chase stuff outside the zone for weak contact. His bat speed is far from explosive, although he's worked to smooth out his stroke. The hope is that with additional experience will make him a decent hitter, someone who can hit .250-.270 with 15-20 homers per year.

Future Rookies: Week 24 | Fantasy Baseball Cafe

Beyond only featuring two big league quality pitches at the moment, Betances control of all of his offerings is spotty at best and may be benefited by working out of the bullpen. The Yankees are likely to give Betances every opportunity possible to blossom into a frontline starter, as even the most valuable relievers aren’t as valuable as top flight starting pitchers. Betances should be scooped up in all dynasty leagues, as his upside is too great to ignore. Depending on the Yankees off season activity, Betances could be a rotation member as soon as next year.

Negro Leagues Database Powered by The Baseball Gauge |
Some really cool stuff here.

Wins and WAR and MVPs | Joe Blogs

It is striking to me that wins could have such a low bar and WAR such a high one, that wins could still be of some use because -- to use a GPS analogy -- it can generally locate where Philadelphia might be while WAR is of no use because it might tell you there's a traffic jam on Schuylkill Expressway when that was cleared up like TEN MINUTES AGO.