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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Baseball Links

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Two weeks left. Many of you are starting playoff runs, others are moving on to the next round. Finally, some of you are trying to nail down those last few points to take or hold onto the lead. Be diligent. Last year I lost a 3.5 point lead over the last weekend because I got lazy (also there were luck dragons involved). Don't be me from last year. Finish strong! Here are your links for today, September 12:

Haren Loses His Cutter | Baseball Analytics

Haren gave up four home runs on the cutter through 8/4. Since then he allowed five long balls. Until he gets control of the pitch back, Dan will be vulnerable to the long ball.

Itser Abouter Timer, Dexter Fowler | Razzball

In [Fowler's] last seven games, a .423 average and 2 homers. He’s not good for anything more than the occasional dinger, which only sounds talk between a wife and her friends. He is hitting on top of a lineup that puts up runs and he has speed. While he’s hot, I’d grab him everywhere.

David Robertson: Cutter (and Closer?) Apprentice | Baseball Analytics

At this rate, it seems like Rivera will be busting bats until he's AARP-eligible. But, with Robertson adding a cutter to his already-nasty fastball/curve combo, he makes for a fine closer's apprentice.

I Threw You Fire; You Threw a Spark: What's Up With Brandon Morrow? | Bluebird Banter

My thought is that Brandon should be working on two things to get ready for next season: locating his pitches when pitching from the stretch, and working in his offspeed stuff more against righthanded hitters. While those pitches haven't really been successful for him this season, I think increased variety would signficantly help his fastball, which has basically been a neutral pitch for him this season, which is significantly worse than you'd expect from a guy with a heater like Brandon's.

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Undervalued in 2012: Jonathon Niese | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Looking forward to next season, I do think [Niese's] strikeout rate is going to decline a bit, while his walk rate creeps up. But even still, his overall skill set given neutral luck suggests an ERA closer to the 3.50-3.75 range, rather than above 4.00. When you combine that with the fewer than 160 innings pitched this season, he may very well be an afterthought for fantasy leaguers. As such, he should make for an excellent buy in NL-Only leagues and could generate some mixed league value as well.

Dee Gordon's Going Up Swinging | Baseball Analytics

With superb speed and a penchant for making contact, Gordon could be the sort of hitter who keeps his average near .300. But, with a 5-foot-11, 150 pound (listed) frame that conjures up images of Urkel, he's got about as much chance of hitting for power as Frank McCourt has of becoming Bud Selig's BFF. For Gordon to become a true top-of-the-order dynamo and get on base at a good clip, he'll need to start walking more than once a month.

Fantasy Baseball Two Start Starters, Week 24 | Razzball

Injury Report: September 12: Carlos Gonzalez, Nelson Cruz, Adam Jones & More | Rotoprofessor

Prospect of the Day: Devin Mesoraco, C, Cincinnati Reds | Minor League Ball

The question for 2011: could he prove last year wasn't a fluke? He did just that, hitting .289/.371/.484 with 36 doubles, 15 homers, 52 walks, and 83 strikeouts in 436 at-bats for Triple-A Louisville. He is in the majors now and looking to lay claim to the long-term catching job. A 6-2, 220 pound right-handed hitter, Mesoraco has developed a good feel for hitting and isn't just a one-dimensional slugger. His bat is ahead of his glove at this point.

Fantasy Baseball Player Prospecting: Bryce Harper, Steve Lombardozzi, Chris Parmelee, Joe Benson |
The player expected to enter 2012 as MLB's top overall prospect will see you next year, and a couple of Minnesota Twins prospects will hope for the same.

Rays Call Up Matt Moore | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

No matter what role Moore will play, he’s at least worth a speculative pickup in most leagues. If he can claim the closer role (or pick up holds if you play in a league that uses them as a stat category), he immediately becomes one of the more dangerous closers in the league based on his strikeout potential. If Moore is just a relief pitcher, he can still provide fantasy teams with strikeouts and holds.