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Excerpts from Baseball America Chat with Jim Callis

Jim Callis from Baseball America held his weekly chat yesterday and here are some excerpts:

Steve (Orlando,Fl): What's your take on Desmond Jennings? In just over 130 ABs he's hitting almost .350 with 8 HRs and 14 SBs.

Jim Callis: There's a reason he ranked among the best prospects in baseball the last couple of years. But don't expect that kind of power--he's not a slugger.

I agree, but  fantasy owners can expect 15 HRs-30+SBs in 2012, if he can keep hitting like this.

Rob (Alaska): Hey, Jim. I know you're a big Xander Bogaerts fan, and he's having a historic power run in the SAL. So let me ask you, does he have 75-80 grade power like Harper or Stanton? And if not are you concerned that his approach is to sell out contact for power in ways that may not translate as he climbs the ladder? Color me curious.

Jim Callis: He's has intriguing power, but it's not Harper/Stanton power. Those guys are fairly unique. Bogaerts is so young and I don't see why he can't develop into a solid hitter with plus power. Probably a third baseman in the long run.

The rich stay rich as the Red Sox have another third base prospect in the minors to pair with Will Middlebrooks in AAA. i wonder if Middlebrooks will be used in a future trade, either this offseason or next July.

More excerpts after the jump:

Chris (NJ): What happened to aaron hicks? This is 2 indescribably bad months in a row. Is he completely out of the top 100 at this point?


Jim Callis: He's still loaded with tools, but not only is he not making much progress since 2009, he's going backward. The upside is still there, but the likelihood that he gets there is dropping. He won't be on my Top 100 list, don't know how my BA cohorts feel.

Hicks is hitting just .234-.347-.355 with 5 HRs, 37 RBI, 76 runs and 17 SBs in 26 attempts, but he has a solid K/BB rate of 109-75 in his 431 at bats this season at High A Fort Myers.

Don (Tampa): Tim has over 30 homeruns for the season. Could he get called up and is he in the top 50 prospects in baseball now?

Jim Callis: I've always liked Tim Wheeler, but he's not a Top 50 prospect. He has solid tools across the board but not a lot of pluses, and he's a corner guy rather than a center fielder. I don't think he'll get a callup because the Rockies aren't contending and he doesn't have to be added to the 40-man roster.

Wheeler is hitting .292-.371-.549 with 33 HRs, 86 RBI, 105 runs, 21 SBs, and a 137-58 K/BB rate. He has plenty of power, but with that comes plenty of whiffs. He could see some time in Colorado in 2012, but i see him starting the season in AAA Colorado Springs where he will probably continue to put up solid power numbers.