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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Links

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Here are your fantasy baseball links for Tuesday, August 9:

Is Yonder Alonso Worth Adding? | Roto Hardball

So, is Yonder Alonso worth adding? Keep an eye on his positional eligibility. He's been taking grounders at third, and it's not like the Reds have many options at the position with Scott Rolen hurt and the other alternatives being just awful, awful baseball players, so there's a chance he ends up 3B-eligible. In that case, scoop him up as quickly as you can, but don't feel urgency to scoop him up in shallow -only or mixed leagues.

Matsui & Peavy: Waiver Wire | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Peavy’s season ERA-FIP split is huge (4.63 ERA, 2.80 FIP) and is the largest in baseball (min. 80 IP), though ZiPS expects that to even out a bit down the stretch: 3.65 ERA and a 3.06 FIP. His next two starts will come at home against the Royals and Rangers, but after that he’ll run into a three-start stretch in which he faces the Mariners, the Twins, and then the Twins again. That’s a three-start stretch worth taking advantage of in fantasy crunch time.

Buy or Sell: Guzman, Kipnis, Matsui | Fantasy Baseball 365

Other then the home runs, Kipnis hasn't done much at the plate, hitting only .240. I believe he's a better hitter than that, but it can be tough sometimes for rookies to adjust in their first big-league exposure. If anything, I expect his AVG to rise and home run output to regress. Once his power numbers drop off, I could see him being mass dropped, at which point I'd look to add him in deeper mixed formats.

Sabermetrics & Fantasy: Swing Percentage and Jayson Werth | Roto Hardball

Virtual ink will be spilled trying to figure out why Werth hasn't been himself this year. Some of it probably his move away from the friendly park in Philadelphia, and some of it is probably in his pop-ups and added ground balls. Virtually none of it has to do with his selectivity on pitches however, and that's valuable knowledge.

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Disabled List Waiver Wire | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Preparing For The Playoffs: Who Is Your Ace? | Fantasy Knuckleheads

Hernandez’s best months in his career are arguably August and September. He has a career 3.01 ERA in August when his strikeout numbers are the tops out of any month in his career, and his .640 winning percentage is second best of any month in his career.

I'm not big on month-to-month splits, and the numbers being used here are an extremely small sample size. But if this is your kind of thing, here it is.

Injury Report: August 9: Jose Reyes, Hanley Ramirez & More | Rotoprofessor

Injury Updates in MLB | Roto Hardball

Prospect of the Day: Brett Jackson, OF, Chicago Cubs | Minor League Ball

Jackson has above-average bat speed to go with his above-average running speed. His upper cut swing should deliver 20-homer power as he matures. He works counts and will take walks, but he's vulnerable to strikeouts. He's not likely to develop into a .300 hitter, but if he can hit .250-.270 in the majors as he's done in the minors, he should draw enough walks to keep his OBP at more-than-acceptable levels. I expect Jackson will need some adjustment time when he reaches the majors, but his broad base of skills is very attractive. If he remains this hot we could see him in September, and we'll certainly see him sometime in 2012.

James Darnell Called Up | Roto Hardball

Unless you're in a league where you stash prospects, holding onto Darnell now seems a little much, as it's not even clear he'll have a place on San Diego's 2012 roster.

Fantasy Baseball Player Prospecting: Jesus Montero, Rymer Liriano, more |
One of the game's biggest offensive prospects on the cusp of arriving. You should get to know another baby bopper on the opposite coast.

Future Rookies: Week 18 | Fantasy Baseball Cafe

Monday Dish: Cycle Adds To Taylor Lindsey’s Impressive Start | Baseball America
Lindsey, de los Strikeout Santos, Paxton, Perez