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2011 Fantasy Football Rankings: Aug. 3 WR Rankings

Wide receiver can be a gamble at times. So much of their stats depend not only on them staying healthy but also their quarterback staying on the field. They also have to compete for targets, not only with their fellow WR but also the tight ends and running backs. If you grab a receiver who has a great QB, receives the majority of the targets and is dependable, than you are in a good place my friend. Like RB, there are always a few WR who surprise and come through with a breakout season. Last year was no exception with both Mike Williams (Tampa and Seattle) and Stevie Johnson coming through big.

Tier 1

1. Andre Johnson - Houston Texans

Andre Johnson is a beast of a receiver. He consistently puts up great reception and yardage numbers and is the go-to guy for Matt Schaub.

2. Roddy White - Atlanta Falcons

He has developed into such a great receiver and scores a lot of TD. You have never had to worry about his health, since White has never missed a game. He has a great connection with Matt Ryan.

3. Calvin Johnson - Detroit Lions

Calvin Johnson is a huge problem for opposing defenses. He is a TD machine and also does not have to worry about others taking too many targets away.

4. Hakeem Nicks - New York Giants

He will only be entering his third season in the league in 2011 but has already made a big impact. The Giants have other weapons but Nicks is quickly developing into an elite weapon.

5. Mike Wallace - Pittsburgh Steelers

Wallace entered the starting lineup for the Steelers and produced like a veteran. He too is entering his third season, which means that he might be still improving.

Tier 2

6. Greg Jennings - Green Bay Packers

He is just entering his prime at the age of 27. Jennings is the Packers best option on the outside and puts up very reliable numbers in a great passing offense.

7. DeSean Jackson - Philadelphia Eagles

Jackson is always a big play ready to happen and more often than not it does. The injury factor is a concern but he is well worth the risk.

8. Reggie Wayne - Indianapolis Colts

As part of the Colts offense, you know what you're going to get when you draft Reggie Wayne. While the rest of the Colts seem to be injuries waiting to happen, Wayne has not missed a game since 2001.

9. Dwayne Bowe - Kansas City Chiefs

Bowe has all the tools that you look for in a receiver but his quarterback is not an elite talent and the Chiefs have a very strong running game. He will put up some amazing numbers in a few of his games.

10. Larry Fitzgerald - Arizona Cardinals

What he accomplished last season was really surprising because of the QB's he had throwing to him. If Kolb can settle into a groove with Fitz, than you can expect some great things.

11. Vincent Jackson - San Diego Chargers

V-Jax will be with the Chargers right from the start this season. He's a big receiver with a great quarterback which should add up to some good numbers.

12. Mike Williams - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

One of the surprises of 2011, Mike Williams quickly developed a relationship with his QB Josh Freeman and the results were superb. He should come close to last season's numbers but there might be a slight regression.

13. Miles Austin - Dallas Cowboys

Austin should benefit from having Tony Romo back as QB. He struggled in quite a few games to produce fantasy points. Expect Austin to finish somewhere between his '09 and '10 numbers.

14. Brandon Marshall - Miami Dolphins

He had a slight drop off during his first year in South Florida. With Henne at QB, it will be interesting to see if he can get back to the level he was at in Denver.

15. Marques Colston - New Orleans Saints

Colston is a reliable receiver playing in a passing offense with a super QB. One downside is that Brees likes to spread the ball around to all of his options.

16. Kenny Britt - Tennessee Titans

He will be entering his third season with the Titans and should make more of a jump this year. His touchdowns went from 3 to 9 but his receptions and yardage basically stayed the same. Look for the latter two stats to catch up in 2011.

17. Jeremy Maclin - Philadelphia Eagles

Maclin is another third year receiver, who is gradually climbing the rankings. The Eagles have a lot of weapons, which at times limits the use of Maclin. I see a slight uptick in his numbers this year.

18. Brandon Lloyd - Denver Broncos

What a difference a year makes! Lloyd went from 117 yards in 2009 to leading the NFL with 1448 yards in 2010. He will come back down this year, now that the offense will have more of a balance.

19. Dez Bryant - Dallas Cowboys

Bryant will now be able to have more of the spotlight, as he steps into the starting lineup. Playing with Romo for a full season will almost certainly help his stock go up.

Tier 3

20. Chad Ochocinco - New England Patriots

The show that is Ochocinco has moved to New England. His numbers dropped last season but being with the Patriots and Brady should be able to restore some shine to his career.

21. Santonio Holmes - New York Jets

Holmes felt right at home with the NYJ. The team relies a lot on their running game but Holmes became the team's No. 1 receiving option after returning from suspension. The signing of Plaxico should not affect him too much, if at all.

22. Austin Collie - Indianapolis Colts

He was the best receiver in fantasy football through the first six games. Then the concussions happened. Collie has been cleared for training camp and is a super value, if he can stay healthy.

23. Sidney Rice - Seattle Seahawks

Rice is now in Seattle and the quarterback situation there is not promising. He will be reunited with his old quarterback and offensive co-ordinator but will also be sharing targets with Big Mike Williams and TE Zach Miller.

24. Wes Welker - New England Patriots

The Patriots system has turned Welker into a real asset. He rebounded quite well from his knee injury and put up a solid season. He is especially valuable in PPR formats.

25. Steve Johnson - Buffalo Bills

Johnson was another one of those fantasy rags to riches stories. He had 10 yards in 2009 and shot up to 1073 yards in 2010. I don't see Johnson losing his targets but we might see a drop in touchdowns.

26. Percy Harvin - Minnesota Vikings

He is a genuine playmaker and should continue to improve in year three. The Vikings are set with a veteran QB, so Harvin should improve his career numbers again.

27. Anquan Boldin - Baltimore Ravens

Boldin did not set the world on fire in Baltimore but he did have some very good games. After one year, he should be more comfortable with the system and Flacco, which should lead to better fantasy numbers.

28. Deion Branch - New England Patriots

He also benefits from being a part of the New England system. It should be a good year for Branch, as he will be with the Pats and Brady right from training camp.

29. Pierre Garcon - Indianapolis Colts

Garcon has had some really good seasons with the Colts but we are still waiting for him to breakout completely. It might not be this year with Collie and Dallas Clark coming back. Expect another good but not great season.

30. Johnny Knox - Chicago Bears

He has benefited a lot from Mike Martz taking over the offense. There were games where he disappeared and got his fantasy owners nothing. Hopefully another year under Martz will help his consistency.

31. Santana Moss - Washington Redskins

Moss fared well in Mike Shanahan's offense but the big question mark is at quarterback. His numbers were up across the board and it might be a stretch to expect that again.

32. Jacoby Ford - Oakland Raiders

He is a versatile athlete with awesome speed. He presently has a cast on his hand but that is not expected to affect him beyond a couple weeks. Ford should continue to improve in 2011.