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2011 Fantasy Football Rankings: PPR Tight End Rankings

It may be tempting to grab an elite, trusted tight end early in your fantasy draft but don't reach to draft one. The depth at the position is at an all-time high. Good tight ends will still be available in the second half of the draft, so focus on your other key positions first. The important thing is getting value for your pick, which means don't overspend on a tight end.

1. Dallas Clark - Indianapolis Colts

Clark may be getting older but he is still Peyton Manning's trusted target. The Colts love to use him inside the red zone. Durability questions aside, he will produce catches, yards and touchdowns.

2. Antonio Gates - San Diego Chargers

He is one of Philip Rivers's favorite targets. Gates seems to be coming back okay from his foot and toe injuries. He should lead the team in catches and touchdowns.

3. Jermichael Finley - Green Bay Packers

Finley is very talented. He benefits from playing in a strong passing attack in Green Bay. The only concern may be how much of the targets will come his way but with his talent, the concern is minor.

4. Jason Witten - Dallas Cowboys

He has such a great relationship with Tony Romo that he will continue to rack up the receptions and yards. Witten scored nine touchdowns last season but it's hard to know if he'll duplicate that. The Cowboys seem to go elsewhere in the red zone.

5. Vernon Davis - San Francisco 49ers

Davis is the fastest tight end in the league. The quarterback position is unsettled but the same thing can be said about the other receivers on the team. Davis should be a major part of the offense, no matter who he has around him.


6. Owen Daniels - Houston Texans

He was still coming back from his knee injury last year but flashed his former self at the end of the season. Daniels has the potential to rise even higher. He should pick up where he left off in 2011.

7. Jimmy Graham - New Orleans Saints

Graham is the new former basketball player turned tight end. He looked great as a rookie tight end for the Saints in 2010. Brees seems to have a connection with his big tight end.

8. Marcedes Lewis - Jacksonville Jaguars

He seemed to finally turn the corner last year. Lewis had a Pro Bowl season, making 58 receptions for 700 yards and ten touchdowns. The team does not have a lot of receiving weapons, so Lewis should still see a lot of targets.

9. Kellen Winslow - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Winslow is not one of the elite tight ends but is still really good. The team's receivers have improved but not enough to replace the need for him at tight end. Health concerns are always on the back of the mind with Winslow.

10. Greg Olsen - Carolina Panthers

The move to Carolina should be the best thing for Greg Olsen. He is a great receiving tight end. Carolina will use him quite a lot.

11. Brandon Pettigrew - Detroit Lions

Pettigrew caught 71 passes in 2010. He is an effective weapon in the passing game. Pettigrew just needs to further develop a rhythm with Matthew Stafford.

12. Brent Celek - Philadelphia Eagles

Look for Celek to have a bounce back year in 2011. He should be closer to his 2009 numbers, than his disappointing 2010 numbers. Vick used his tight end in Atlanta, so this season should be a better year for Celek.

13. Zach Miller - Seattle Seahawks

Miller is a great tight end. He can really stretch the field and has been consistent. The concern is with the weak Seattle passing game that he is a part of.

14. Rob Gronkowski - New England Patriots

He put up great numbers as a rookie. Gronkowski may not be the fastest but he makes up for it with great hands. You have to remember that he's sharing targets with his fellow second year tight end, Hernandez.

15. Tony Gonzalez - Atlanta Falcons

Gonzalez is not as big a threat as he once was. His numbers have started to decline. Atlanta seems to be leaning more towards using their wide receivers.

16. Aaron Hernandez - New England Patriots

Of New England's two young tight ends, Hernandez is the more physically gifted. He is a very dangerous tight end and could be used more in that capacity this season. The Pats seem to like to move him around a lot also.

17. Heath Miller - Pittsburgh Steelers

Miller had a down year but expect him to bounce back some in 2011. He has a good connection with Ben Roethlisberger. The young Steeler receivers are developing, so don't expect a career year.

18. Lance Kendricks - St. Louis Rams

He is a receiving tight end and was selected in the second round. He is a good, fast athlete. A little small but great potential.

19. Jared Cook - Tennessee Titans

Cook is blazing fast. He showed some great things in the last three games of the 2010 season with 188 yards and a touchdown. Cook may catch over 50 passes.

20. Tony Moeaki - Kansas City Chiefs

He did very well for a tight end on a running team. The team has brought in some new receivers but I still think his numbers will grow. Moeaki has excellent hands.

21. Fred Davis - Washington Redskins

Davis is a red zone weapon. He has great quickness. A good player to let drop to you in later rounds.

22. Todd Heap - Arizona Cardinals

He seems to be on the decline and that is why Baltimore released him. Arizona has never been known to use their tight end. Heap would make a good fantasy backup tight end.

23. Kevin Boss - Oakland Raiders

Boss should have a nice role within the Oakland offense. The amount that Zach Miller was used, bodes well for Boss. He is a middle of the pack option.

24. Travis Beckum - New York Giants

He was known for his receiving skills at Wisconsin. The Giants will use him but it may be limited. The team has too many good wide receivers which drops Beckum's value.

25. Jermaine Gresham - Cincinnati Bengals

Gresham has great skills. He caught 52 passes as a rookie. The team has lost some weapons, so he will continue to have a lot of targets.

26. Jeremy Shockey- Carolina Panthers

There are nagging injury concerns with Shockey. The Panthers also have Greg Olsen as their starter. But given the chance, Shockey can still contribute.

27. Dustin Keller - New York Jets

Keller is a very streaky player. The Jets have a very weak passing game and that doesn't help him. He is fast.

28. Chris Cooley - Washington Redskins

The Skins will be using a new quarterback. Cooley is getting older. Those two add up to smaller numbers.

29. Visanthe Shiancoe - Minnesota Vikings

Shiancoe is another watching his numbers drop. He plays in a run heavy offense. The Vikings also drafted a highly touted rookie tight end.

30. Benjamin Watson - Cleveland Browns

He caught 68 passes in 2010. Watson won't catch as many passes this year. But his touchdowns should be more than three.

31. Evan Moore - Cleveland Browns

Moore is young. He has good hands. The Browns offense loves the tight end.

32. Kyle Rudolph - Minnesota Vikings

He is a good receiver. Rudolph also has great size. The Vikings should use him more as the season goes on.