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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Baseball Links

SAN DIEGO, CA - AUGUST 18:  Mike Stanton #27 of the Florida Marlins hits a double during the first inning of a baseball game against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park on August 18, 2011 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)
SAN DIEGO, CA - AUGUST 18: Mike Stanton #27 of the Florida Marlins hits a double during the first inning of a baseball game against the San Diego Padres at Petco Park on August 18, 2011 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images)
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Here are your fantasy baseball links for today, August 19:

Stanton Killing Them Softly | Baseball Analytics

Stanton's 29 bombs tie him with Joe DiMaggio and Frank Robinson for tenth-most among hitters during their age-21 season, according to Baseball-Reference. While he'd have to go on an absolute tear to reach Eddie Matthews' all-time best of 47 homers, Stanton stands a good chance of passing the likes of Jimmie Foxx (33), Miguel Cabrera (33) and Pujols (37) to move into second place. I shudder to think what this guy's peak will look like.

Be Like Bullock and Keep Big Mike | Razzball

Mike Stanton is gonna be a Hall of Famer in 25 years. Me, you and the Mayans may not be around to see it, but if a tree falls in the forest does it not make a sound? It does when Stanton bumps into said tree, picks it up and uses it as a toothpick.

Mauer's Off-Speed Judgment Off | Baseball Analytics

[Mauer's] clearly taking pitches at which he should be swinging, and trying to hit too many pitches off the corners and edges. He putting a higher proportion of these pitches in play, 60.2% versus 50.2% in the three previous seasons, but because he's making contact on pitches outside the strike zone, those balls in play are turning into outs, as he has a meager .218 BABIP.

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Greinke's Results, Processes Match Up | Baseball Analytics

Milwaukee's Zack Greinke entered July with a 5.63 ERA. After last night's seven inning, one run gem against the Dodgers, the erstwhile Royals ace now has a more palatable 3.92 mark. The simple, lazy narrative would be that the blockbuster trade pickup took time to adjust to his new surroundings and is now settling in.The truth is, Greinke has been dealing all season long.

Under the Fantasy Microscope: Jeff Francoeur | Roto Hardball

Unfortunately, players like Francouer who don't have a ton of power and don't take many walks are highly susceptible to fluctuations in BABIP, and thus he could easily be back in the dumps of 2010 next season. But at 27, entering his prime, it's not difficult to imagine at least some of this power increase being real. And, particularly considering they don't put OBP on the standard fantasy league scoreboard, that makes Francoeur a pretty useful fantasy player.

Napoli's Two-Strike Contact | Baseball Analytics

Napoli is whiffing less just about everywhere, especially against high pitches and offerings thrown inside. His miss percentage with two strikes has dropped from 29.6 percent in 2010 to 19.9 percent in 2011. And while most players are fighting a losing battle once they have two strikes on them, hitting a collective .191/.260/.288, Napoli has a .277/.358/.484 line in such situations.

Allen Craig: Fantasy Bat Looking for Position | Roto Hardball

A few spot starts here or there. That's the best you can hope for from Craig. A few starts here or there when Berkman or Albert Pujols need a blow. He's not a center fielder, and he's really not a second baseman either. It's too bad, because he is a bat.

Jonny Venters' Dominant Slider | Baseball Analytics

In fact, in the 61 PA in which a Jonny Venters slider was the deciding pitch, 51 have been strike outs (47 swinging, 4 looking). The fact that he can throw his slider effectively to both righties and lefties is a major reason he hasn't allowed an earned run since June 29th.

Waiver Saviours: Power | Fantasy Baseball 365

Raburn is a career .293 hitter post-all-star break and last season he hit 13 of his 15 home runs in August and September. So far this month, Raburn is hitting .316 with only two home runs, but he has put up a .237 ISO in the process, perhaps indicating that the long-balls are on their way. Given his knack for putting up his best numbers in August and September, he's certainly worth a look.

Steals and Homers: Dunn and Pierre Can Help This Week | Roto Hardball

His average is down to .283, which is fine but not what you want out of a Pierre type player, and he has stolen only 20 bases. He should be able to steal against Ervin Santana and the Angels on Tuesday though, since Santana has allowed 22 stolen bases against three caught stealings. Jeff Mathis has caught just 27% of attempted base stealers, so Pierre should be able to run with confidence against the Angels.

Brian Matusz and Wade Miley: Mining the Minors | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Matusz’s fastball was in the high-80s and touched the low-90s, which is encouraging but not necessarily promising. He’s worth an add in AL leagues — and worth watching in deep mixed — but until he proves he’s right for a start or two, I’d be leery about using him at all. With about eight turns in the rotation left — that is, if he can stick in the bigs — 2011 is looking like a lost season for one of the more intriguing young arms coming into the year.

Under the Radar - Mixed Leagues |

As of the writing of this piece, Wilson's fate was still very unclear, but if he does require a larger stint out of action or on the disabled list, Affeldt could be a hot fantasy commodity. Savvy owners with an available roster spot will act before their competition and make a move now. There's very little downside to being proactive with possible closers, and even if Affeldt doesn't get any saves, one could still benefit from his other impressive numbers.

Duda and Willingham: Waiver Wire | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

It isn’t as though Duda raked all through the minors and is just now getting a chance to do it in the pros. He had shown good doubles power, but the home runs are a relatively new addition, which makes it somewhat harder to predict whether they’re going to persist. His hot month overstates his ability, but 15-20 given a full season of consistent playing time doesn’t seem outlandish. Anything more than about 3 HR a month is a bonus.

Injury Report: August 19: Alex Rodriguez, Mike Stanton, Ryan Howard & More | Rotoprofessor

Prospect of the Day: Josh Satin, INF, New York Mets | Minor League Ball

Satin's offensive numbers are quite good, obviously. He's hit at every level, has doubles power with occasional home run pop, and controls the strike zone well. There are a lot of moving parts in his swing which turns some scouts off, but minor league pitchers have been unable to exploit this or find consistent holes in his approach. He's considered highly intelligent and works hard at his game. Satin has nothing left to prove in the minors.

Fantasy Baseball Player Prospecting: Ryan Lavarnway, more |
The Boston Red Sox couldn't play short-handed any longer, so Kevin Youkilis hit the DL and the BoSox called up an intriguing slugger.

Daily Dish: Twins Power Up | Baseball America
Benson, Arcia, Sano, Rosario, Pomeranz, d'Arnaud, Matt Moore, May, Parker, Gomez, Simmons

Impact: Signed 1st Round Draft Picks | Fantasy Baseball 365

Thome | Joe Posnanski

Santiago Casilla And The Worst Plate Appearance In Baseball History | Baseball Nation
I missed this a few days ago. Worth revisiting.