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Future Prospecting: NL-Only Minor League Draft

The 2011 fantasy baseball season is still going on, and players in money leagues are making deals to keep them, or get them, in the money for this season. I am in 4 money leagues this season. in two of the leagues, I am near the bottom, and in my two NL-only keeper leagues, I currently reside in second place in both.

One of the leagues, is the UBA keeper league, where we also have a 2 round minor league draft every year. I find this league very interesting because of the minor league draft. I tend to overrate prospects a bit. Or, you can say I develop a man-crush on players.

This season my man-crushes were Jerry Sands, Anthony Rizzo, Devin Mesoraco and Bryce Harper. I drafted all four of them in this season's MLD (minor league draft), but ended up trading Sands and Rizzo to teams bailing this season. In return, I recieved Yovani Gallardo and Tim Lincecum. The Lincecum deal was a much bigger deal, with a $10 S1 Jason Heyward being the big name that I traded, along with Sands and a few others, to land Lincecum.

More on Future Prospecting after the jump:

So, even though I am in the money in the UBA league at this point, I can't help but start looking at the 2012 MLD in this league. Here are some players who will be available in next season's MLD:

1. Anthony Rendon, WAS

2. Gerrit Cole, PIT

3. Trevor Bauer, ARI

4. Arodys Vizcaino, ATL

5. Jarred Cosart, PHI

6. Carlos Martinez, STL

7. Matt Harvey, NYM

8. Zach Wheeler, NYM

9. Zach Lee, LAD

10. Drew Pomeranz, COL

11. Gary Brown, SFG

12. Randall Delgado, ATL

13. Allen Webster, LAD

I am sure I am missing some hitters and pitchers who have risen in prospect rankings, but the draft appears to be pitching heavy for next season. I based this list off of the midseason Top 50 prospect lists from ESPN's Keith Law and Baseball America.

Who would you take with the #1 pick in the 2012 minor league draft? Guys like Trevor Bauer, Arodys Vizcaino and Randall Delgado are closer to the big leagues than the others on this list, but hitters usually get drafted earlier than pitchers, even if the hitter is in the lower minors.