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Closer Report for Week 18

Well, the non-waiver trade deadline has come and past, and while we saw some moves we weren't expecting, the moves that didn't happen seem to have affected the closer rankings more.

News and Notes From Around the Bullpen

  • The Padres did end up trading a reliever, but didn't it wasn't Heath Bell. Bell will almost assuredly spend the season with the Padres, as he seems extremely unlikely to clear waivers in the following month. Mike Adams has been traded to the Rangers, and should be used as a setup man there.
  • Despite rumors at one point or another during the month, Huston Street, Leo Nunez, Joakim Soria, Drew Storen, Brandon League and Andrew Bailey all remain with their respective teams.
  • Relievers who did move also included the Orioles' Koji Uehara (the Rangers), Athletics' Brad Ziegler (Diamondbacks), the Blue Jays' Octavio Dotel and Marc Rzepcyznski (Cardinals), and the Mariners' David Pauley (Tigers). Not a lot of save opportunities here, but definitely some holds candidates.
  • I was really surprised just how much Drew Storen was discussed as a trade candidate, especially with the team that was involved (The Twins). I imagine that they could revisit these talks in the offseason, but I'm not entirely sure what the Twins are doing here.
  • J.J. Putz recorded both of his save opportunities this week, and is definitely the main option in Arizona despite the successes of David Hernandez in his absence.
  • Antonio Bastardo got a save this week, and Ryan Madson got one on Saturday. It really looks like this is going to be a closer-by-committee until further notice. 
  • Jon Rauch recorded 2 saves this week, and has been used pretty much exclusively in the closer's role. He'd be the one to own out of the remnants of the Toronto bullpen. 

Closer Rankings from Today Forward [Change from Last Week]

  1. Brian Wilson (Giants) 
  2. Heath Bell (Padres
  3. Mariano Rivera (Yankees
  4. Huston Street (Rockies)
  5. Joel Hanrahan (Pirates
  6. Leo Nunez (Marlins)
  7. Jonathan Papelbon (Red Sox
  8. Neftali Feliz (Rangers
  9. Joakim Soria (Royals
  10. Craig Kimbrel (Braves
  11. Drew Storen (Nationals
  12. Jose Valverde (Tigers
  13. Carlos Marmol (Cubs
  14. Andrew Bailey (Athletics
  15. Francisco Cordero (Reds
  16. Brandon League (Mariners
  17. John Axford (Brewers
  18. Joe Nathan (Twins
  19. Chris Perez (Indians
  20. Sergio Santos (White Sox) [+4]
  21. Kyle Farnsworth (Rays) [-1]
  22. Jordan Walden (Angels) [-1]
  23. Fernando Salas (Cardinals) [-1]
  24. J.J. Putz (Diamondbacks)  [+5]
  25. Mark Melancon (Astros)  [-1]
  26. Jason Isringhausen (Mets) [+4]
  27. Kevin Gregg (Orioles)  [-1]
  28. Jon Rauch (Blue Jays) [-2]
  29. Javy Guerra (Dodgers) [-2]
  30. Antonio Bastardo/Ryan Madson (Phillies)  [-2]
Top Non-Closing Relievers Most Likely to Get the Chance
  1. Mike Adams (Rangers)
  2. Chad Qualls (Padres)
  3. Francisco Rodriguez (Brewers)