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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Links

Here are your fantasy links for today, July 29:

Transaction Analysis: The Rasmus-Jackson Shuffle UPDATED | Baseball Prospectus

Toronto’s Rogers Centre is far friendlier to lefty power than Busch Stadium, so a home run boost is in store for Rasmus through the power of park factors alone.

Rasmus The Blue Jay | The Hardball Times

If another owner is your league is excited about Rasmus and willing to pay for him at preseason rates, I would recommend exploiting the opportunity. Rasmus does not particularly overwhelm as a keeper, particularly at his probable preseason price. Good, reasonably attainable outfielder trade targets for Rasmus include B.J. Upton, Jason Heyward, and Michael Morse. If post-trade Rasmus does not meet up to the hype surrounding his name at the trade deadline, do not be surprised.

Red to Blue: Rasmus is Changing Birds | Fantasy Baseball 365

Rasmus has made a major improvement this season dropping in his strikeout rate from 28 percent in 2010 to about 20 percent currently. That improvement in strikeout rate pairs well with a steady walk rate that is well above league average. Even though Rasmus is not hitting home runs at the same pace he did a year ago, he's still on pace to hit 20-plus doubles and has already set a career high with six triples. His power potential is still quite high. The bottom line is that Rasmus is a player who still has time to improve, he may never hit .300 due to his fly-ball tendencies, but that fact may actually help his power game in Toronto. While there may be a bit of an adjustment period moving from the NL to AL, this trade just did wonders for Rasmus's keeper value.

Murphy, Hosmer, Moreland & Smoak: 1B Risers/Fallers | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Like most rookies, Hosmer needed some time to find his way in the big leagues, but the adjustment period appears to be over. The 21-year-old is doing exactly what he was expected to do after being the third overall pick; he’s hitting for average, hitting for power, driving in runs, getting on base … he’s doing it all as the team’s three-hole hitter.

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Under the Radar - Mixed Leagues |

Throughout his nine-year big league career, Harden has averaged over a strikeout per inning, and those swings-and-misses could be very useful to a fantasy roster. Oakland opens August with series against Seattle and Tampa Bay, so now is a very good time to add Harden to a fantasy team.

Fantasy Baseball Free Agent Pool – 2011 RBI Guys Vol. 7 |

Asdrubal Cabrera: Is the Home Run Spike Real? | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Even though Cabrera is making the same amount of contact with the baseball compared to past seasons, he is hitting more fly balls, hitting them further and towards the OF corners. The rise in home runs per fly ball may seem a bit high for Cabrera, but there are signs that the increase seen this season is not all luck.

Freddie Freeman Finds His Power Stroke | Baseball Analytics

Covering the low and outer portions of the zone has made the lefty-swinging Freeman an all-fields slugger. Since June, he has hit 10 home runs and 13 doubles. Five of those homers were hit two center field, and two to left field. Nine of Freeman's doubles were sliced to the opposite field, and one was hit to center. The Braves must be thrilled that Freeman has shown the ability to adapt to the scouting reports that teams have on him, punching low and outer-half pitches to center and left field for extra bases.

Jered Weaver: BABIP Analysis | Beyond the Box Score
This is fantastic. Usually I try to quote a key section, but you really need to read the whole thing.

Fantasy Trade Target: Edwin Jackson | Roto Hardball

Pitching in the National League is easier than pitching in the American League, so with that switch alone we could expect Jackson's numbers to improve. There is more good news for Jackson: The White Sox were 11/14 in runs scored in the American League, whereas the Cardinals have the best offense in the National League and are in the thick of a pennant race. Jackson's odds to pick up wins increases greatly with his move from Chicago to St. Louis. Finally, the move from US Cellular Field in Chicago to Busch Stadium in St. Louis will help Jackson. The two parks are at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of their run scoring environments: The Cell regularly ranks as one of the toughest parks in which to pitch, while Busch Stadium is one of the more pitcher friendly environments.

Brilliant Bartolo: A Pitch F/x Analysis | Beyond the Box Score

So, I guess the big question is: when will the Colon magic run out? Unlike so many of the surprise breakout stars we hear about, Colon has the underlying peripherals (good strikeout, walk, and groundball rates) to back up his performance, as his 3.25 xFIP is 7th in the American League.

Injury Report: July 29: Carl Crawford, Rickie Weeks, Clay Buchholz & More | Rotoprofessor

Prospect of the Day: Collin Cowgill, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks | Minor League Ball

Cowgill's numbers this year were boosted by a friendly home park (1.109 OPS at home, .876 on the road) and the general pro-hitting environment of the PCL, but he has legitimate tools. He has a very strong throwing arm and above average speed. His plate discipline is sound and he handled off-speed stuff in the minors quite well. While some scouts have questioned his hitting mechanics, the results have been there at every level. Indeed, his walk rate has been increasing as he moves up. His instincts are excellent, especially on the bases, and scouts love his makeup.

Minor Matters: Brad Peacock is on the Doorstep of the Majors | RotoRob

Keeper league owners should be all over Peacock now, and don’t be surprised if he makes an appearance in Washington this year and provides some value for redraft league owners very soon.

Daily Dish: Matt Moore Dominates | Baseball America
Moore, Teheran, Hamilton, Peacock, Benson, Lawrie, Culver, d'Arnaud, Hechavarria, Harper, Fitzgerald, Polanco, Cron, Archer

Fantasy Baseball Player Prospecting: Zack Wheeler, Brett Lawrie, more |
Carlos Beltran bounty a high-end arm. Brett Lawrie's new timetable ... isn't one. Does a Rickie Weeks fill-in deserve your attention? Plus updates on two top crops.

Hanley Ramirez And I, On The Shivering Highway | Baseball Nation
Best thing I've read in a while.  Just beautifully written.