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Trade Week Fantasy Impact for 7/26

I see fields of green... Reds on the move

I see 'em deal... for a strong #2

And I think to myself... what a wonderful trade

I see skies of blue... clouds of white

Late July days... then Sunday night

And I'll think to myself... what a wonderful trade

The prospects in the minors... so pretty.. in A-ball

The faces of the players.. dreading that phone call

I see managers shaking hands.. saying... how did you do?

Well, I got Ubaldo... how 'bout you?

I hear rookies cry... I watch them move

They'll learn that the game.. is a business too

And I think to myself... what a wonderful trade.

I think to myself.... what a wonderful trade....

Jump with me, wont you....

If you're a fan of a team like the Mariners, A's, Padres, Dodgers, Marlins, or any other team that's out of the race, cherish these moments. You might only have 5 days left with one of your favorite players.

If you're a fan of a good team waiting to make a big splash, keep your ears perked and your hopes down. The truth is, only a couple of teams will find that impact bat or impact arm, and sometimes the deadline passes without much noise at all. That doesn't mean though that just because you didn't get Carlos Beltran that you won't find an important piece to your championship run. Just look at the defending champs.

So here are todays thoughts on the latest rumors:

  • The Mariners "Not likely at all" to trade Brandon League. If a League trade does go down, it would almost certainly mean that League would lose almost all fantasy value, while David Pauley would be a likely replacement and a must-add. I am sort of at a loss as to why the M's wouldn't trade League when they've lost 16 straight games, won't be doing anything this season, League's value may never be higher, and horrible teams don't need closers. This could be posturing and I would still expect League to be traded.
  • One more note on the Mariners; the trade stance of the starting rotation. All 5 of the M's startershave been mentioned in trade talks at some point or another. My belief is that Felix won't be traded because he is too valuable and too expensive. The Yankees would have to give up Banuelos, Betances, and Montero. Not going to happen. Michael Pineda is similarly valuable and going through a rough patch right now with 7 of his last 9 starts being on the road and his arm wearing down perhaps. Jason Vargas would have been great to try and trade 4 starts ago. In his last 3, he's given up 14 ER and 25 hits in 13 innings. Erik Bedard is returning from the DL this week and will have 1 start to display health and how much he has in the tank. If the Mariners can get any kind of prospect, and I mean any kind, in return then they should do it. The Tigers and Red Sox are apparently interested. Bedard is a FA after the year and he may like it here but if he is healthy all year he could command a 2 or 3 year deal. Too expensive. That leaves Doug Fister, who I think is the most likely to be dealt. He's young, cheap, and is proving to be much more than just a product of Safeco Field and defense. He's actually good. He won't command a top prospect in return but the M's could get some value in return. If traded, Fisters value could take a hit just based off the fact that he could go from a pitchers park to a hitters park and Safeco is the ultimate pitchers park. This would also give Blake Beavan a permanent spot in the rotation, potentially being the next Doug Fister.
  • Hiroki Kuroda rumors aplenty. Well, I don't think this is what the Dodgers were expecting when they entered the season, but I do believe they'll have to make their best effort to make some deals. Kuroda is a solid #2 or #3 option for most teams and because he is owed $6.6 million after the deadline, with a full no-trade clause giving him leverage, I don't believe he'll cost a top prospect in return. Just for comparisons sake, who would cost more in prospects: Fister or Kuroda? Fister doesn't even hit arbitration until 2013, while Kuroda is a free agent after the year. Kuroda ERA = 3.19 compared to Fisters 3.30. Fisters xFIP is 3.20, compared to Kuroda's 3.76. I actually think they are very comparable pitchers, but Fister is much younger, much cheaper, is under control for a very long time. I think Kuroda actually wants to be traded, he just wants leverage on where he goes. He'd love to be a Yankee, and New York could probably flip back a player like catcher Austin Romine. It's a perfect fit for both teams.
  • Will Ubaldo Jimenez be traded? The reason Jimenez will be difficult to trade is that if you acquire him, you're essentially "catching the big fish" while many people still have a sour taste in their mouth from the start of Ubaldo's season. However, in his last 11 starts Jimenez is 6-4, 3.03 ERA, 71:17 K:BB in 71.1 innings. You're trading for a #1 starter which means a team like the Reds or Yankees will have to let go of their top prospects. That's always a tricky proposition but not impossible. I like Ubaldo's value to go up in nearly any deal.
  • Joel Sherman doesn't expect the Mets to get a top prospect in return for Beltran. I think it all depends on how many teams seriously inquire on the veteran outfielder. He's a free agent after the year but teams can't offer him arbitration so there won't be an draft pick compensation. The Rangers, Red Sox, and Braves are apparently in the mix, and Beltran's value would go up in any of those situations, especially the Rangers and Red Sox. We've seen Beltran lead a team to a World Series after a midseason trade before, and surely the Mets will be selling that to other teams, even it if means nothing. I think most would expect it to be a good thing to get out of New York, but Beltran is hitting .310/.405/.589 at home this season. Still, playing in Texas or Boston isn't bad at all and the players around him will be much better. I give it a 90% chance that Beltran is traded by Sunday.