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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Links

Here are your fantasy baseball links for today, July 26:

Keeper Building Blocks: Outfield, Part 2 | Baseball By Paul
I missed Part 1 while I was out, but the link is in the body of the article. This has been a fantastic series, by the way. If you're in a keeper league and skipped over this in the past, you owe it to yourself to go back and check it out.

The fantasy trade deadline | The Hardball Times
More thoughts on trading. Some decent counterpoints to Humbled Fan's article from yesterday.

Potential K/9 Decliners | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

Ranking All 30 MLB Closers (As Of July 25, 2011) | Rotoprofessor
In a week, two non-ranked closers jump into the third tier, and the old #7 is now #15. Volatility.

Waiver Saviors: Digging Deep Edition | COSFBA
Disagree RE: shallow mixed leagues. Just requires a different toolbox.

Ackley, Guerra & Maybin: Waiver Wire | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

It’s been about a month since Ackley was called up from Triple-A, and he’s already emerged as the Mariners’ top hitter with a .297/.347/.505 batting line and a .371 wOBA. Of course that isn’t saying much given the rest of the team, but in the realm of fantasy second baseman, Ackley is a godsend.

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Going Streaking! A Hot-Hot July | Fantasy Baseball 365

As long as you are OK with his stolen base numbers alongside a .275 AVG the rest of the way, you could very well hang on to [Bonifacio]. That being said, if you can sell high based on his July numbers, you absolutely do.

Bumgarner Boosts His K Rate | Baseball Analytics

Bumgarner has struck out 21.1 percent of the batters that he has faced this year, compared to 18.2 percent last season. That 2011 K/PA total puts Bumgarner in the same rarified air as Dan Haren, Ricky Romero and CC Sabathia.

Fluke Watch: Jon Niese | The Hardball Times

Niese's improvement against left-handed batters sure seems to be sustainable, as it's clearly traceable to a change in his pitch distribution. However, there are several points of warning that need to be made before anyone picks up Niese.

Koji Uehara: Master of the Chase | Baseball Analytics

Batters are chasing nearly 42 percent of the pitches that Uehara throws out of the strike zone this season. His fastball, which averages less than 89 MPH, gets a boatload of chases on high pitches.

Injury Report: July 25: Cameron Maybin, J.J. Putz, Roy Oswalt & More | Rotoprofessor

Monday Dish: Paul Goldschmidt Regains Home Run Lead | Baseball America
Goldschmidt, Colvin, Palica, Loomis, Moore, Streiby, Cabrera, May, Jones

Fantasy Baseball Player Prospecting: Desmond Jennings, Wilin Rosario, more |
Desmond Jennings finally comes to the bigs. A big-time catching prospect isn't far behind. Donavan Tate restarts his farm career, and the Giants have some pitching depth to sell.