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Fake Teams Hits the Fantasy Links

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Thanks to Ray for filling in for me in my absence.  Here are your fantasy baseball links for today, July 25:

Potential K/9 Surgers | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
I'm actually pretty shocked about a couple of the names on this list. You?

Niemann Mark As A Buy |

Helton and the Fastball | Baseball Analytics

Todd [Helton] could not catch up with much off the inside part of the plate in 2010. Now, he can cover the full lower half of the plate, and he's back being a productive hitter.

Follow the jump for more of the latest fantasy baseball news and analysis from around the web.

Danny Duffy: second-half breakout candidate | The Hardball Times

A 3.30 eFIP and 1.13 xWHIP performance would put Duffy in class with such starting pitchers as Tim Lincecum and Anibal Sanchez.

Clayton Kershaw's Platoon-Proof Slider | Baseball Analytics

Most pitchers can't shut down opposite-handed batters with the slider, but Kershaw seems to be the exception to the rule. His increased use of that hard breaker and subsequent improvement against right-handers puts Kershaw in the same class as the Halladays, Lees and Lincecums of the world.

Injury Report: July 24: Adrian Beltre, Scott Baker & More | Rotoprofessor

Minor Accomplishments, Week 17 | Razzball

Called up: Desmond Jennings | Fantasy Baseball 365

The problem is trusting a young player and we've seen a lot of rookies struggle early upon their call-up. That being said, most prospects that have been called up are at least a couple of years younger than Jennings, who has almost 1000 plate appearances at triple-A. While it would be tough to expect a ton of production from Jennings, he has the power/speed potential that could be a game-changer for many fantasy GM's.

Wezen-Ball: The Joy of Catching a Foul Ball | Baseball Prospectus